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Building a generation of confident women

Attributed to April Cavanagh, Suncorp South West Queensland Regional Manager

25 October 2017

It’s easy to underestimate the pressure felt by young people in the age of social media – particularly young women and girls.

Research shows that 57 per cent of girls compare themselves to others on social media and it’s having a significant impact on their wellbeing, confidence and happiness. Being a teenager has always been difficult, but throw in picture perfect images and carefully curated accounts of how life ‘should’ be, and it’s little wonder so many young women are questioning their value.

This is not an issue that’s just confined to our big cities either, but is also a real problem experienced across small towns and the bush, and if the rise and rise of social media is anything to go by, it’s unlikely to ease anytime soon.

This is just one of the reasons why Suncorp created its #TeamGirls initiative – to contribute in any way possible to building a generation of confident, strong women. And that starts with all of us. We know that 75 per cent of girls develop their confidence from family and friends, so we all need to be role models. 

When I think of real role models, it’s not the insta-famous celebrities we see on social media. I look at my own team – where in what is traditionally the male-dominated business banking industry, some of my best performing are young women, working in rural and regional Queensland. Women, who I can wholeheartedly say, have worked extremely hard to get to where they are, and have been rewarded on merit. 

And I have no doubt their future is bright. I am proud to lead my team and to work for a company like Suncorp, where over 49 per cent of our leaders are female. I am passionate about helping to build strong, confident women in my team – it’s good for customers, business, and importantly, the next generation of girls who need to know that it’s OK to just be themselves. 

In line with building confident women, Suncorp is once again proud to sponsor the third Women of Strength event ‘Magda at the Mills’ in support of the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation’s Mt Lofty Heights Nursing Home. Click here for more information.

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