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Travel safe these school holidays

25 September 2017

School holidays are here again and Suncorp is urging Queensland drivers to slow down and take extra caution on the roads.

Suncorp spokesperson Michael Mills said school holidays are an exciting time for families to enjoy the great Queensland weather but it’s also a time when more motorists are on the road.

“Locals and visitors can expect to be sharing the roads this month, so it’s important to prepare for different driving conditions,” Mr Mills said.

“Whether you’re travelling out of town, or driving to work, each person has a role to play to ensure everyone stays safe. 

“If you’re driving through your local suburbs, keep a special eye out for children playing on the streets or footpaths. If you’re going on a road trip, check whether your car needs a service to avoid an unexpected break down on an unfamiliar road.”

Here are some more driving tips for the school holidays:

  • Concentration is key – distraction is one of the biggest contributors to collisions. Avoid using digital devices when behind the wheel, especially mobile phones.
  • Practice patience - if you find yourself behind an interstate driver, remember they may not be familiar with the roads and local driving customs - take extra care and be patient.
  • Stay within speed limits - although the school zone speed limits may not apply during the holidays, families and children often live in the area, so it’s good practice to maintain a reduced speed limit as an added precaution.
  • Respond to your environment, not the speed limit - even if the speed sign says 80, your speed should be based on your surroundings, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  • Give your car a health check – before you go on a long haul (or even a short haul) trip it’s important to make sure your car’s health is 100%. Check your engine oil and coolant are topped up and servicing is up to date.

To help motorists stay safe on the roads these school holidays, we’ve put a spotlight on Brisbane’s top accident hotspots.

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