Combine your Super into one account

And stop paying multiple fees

It’s quick and easy to combine your Super with your Suncorp Super account. If it’s right for you, simply:

  • read ‘Things you should’ know below
  • Login
  • go to the Search and Combine tool under the ‘Grow my Super’ tab

At the same time we’ll also search for any lost Super or unclaimed money you might have with the Australian Taxation Office*.


What you'll need

Your Client ID

You can find this in the SMS we sent you

Your Australian Driver’s license, Medicare card or Australian Passport

Your TFN

We’ll only ask for this if we don’t already have it

If you haven’t logged in to your online account before, it only takes a few moments to register using your client ID. Or you can also consolidate other funds with us using the Superannuation Rollover form (PDF, 176KB).

Things you should know

*If you request a search, you will be asked to agree to transfer any lost super or unclaimed money held by the ATO into your Suncorp super account. If you don’t agree, we won’t conduct a search for you, but you still have the option to search for and consolidate any super through your MyGov account. If you have another super fund account, you should consider whether it would be better for any ATO held super to be transferred into it instead.

Before deciding whether to consolidate any other super fund account into your Suncorp super account, it is important to check with your transferring fund the potential impacts of transferring your super including fees or charges you may need to pay and loss of benefits, including insurance. You may also want to speak to your employer about altering where they pay your contributions, as this won’t occur automatically as a result of transferring your super.

If you’re eligible to claim a tax deduction for personal contributions, you’ll need to provide a Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction form to your previous super provider before you request a transfer of super from them to us

We also recommend speaking to a financial adviser before making any decision to ensure that consolidating your super into your Suncorp super account is right for you.

Benefits of consolidating

Pay fewer fees

One super account = one set of fees

Keep track of your super

One super account will make your super easier to manage

Save time

Reduce your paperwork

Need help?

Call us

Weekdays 9am – 5pm (AEST)

You can also email us at and we’ll give you a call back. 

Make sure you let us know your client ID and when you’d like to hear from us when you email.