Suncorp Everyday Super® Pension Account

Our simple online pension account allows you to access your retirement funds when and how you want. Let us take care of everything for you or take control and choose your own investment mix.

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Why choose an Everyday Super Pension Account?

Our Everyday Super pension account can be set up online in minutes, offers competitive fees and gives you the option to build your own investment mix to suit your lifestyle. You also have the convenience of being able to manage your super online, anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are ready to retire and receive regular income payments through your pension account, or you want to supplement your income while you ease into retirement using a Transition to retirement strategy, an Everyday Super Pension account may be right for you.

No minimum balance and no investment switching fees

To give you more control and flexibility.

Flexible investment options

Build your own investment mix or let us take care of it for you with the Suncorp Lifestage Fund that automatically adjusts to suit your age.

Lifetime annuities

Choose to receive regular payments for the rest of your life.

What fees are there?

The table below gives a summary of some fees and costs for a Everday Super pension. Not all fees may be included.

Type of fee


How and when paid

Administration fees1, 2

$6.50 per month + 0.65% pa (nil for Suncorp Cash Fund)

$6.50 per month plus 0.65% pa on your balance calculated on the average value of your account balance for the month.

If you have a super account and a transition to retirement option or a pension account, you will only pay one fee of $7.65 per month and the fee will be applied to your super account.

These fees will be deducted by withdrawing units from your account on or around the last day of the month.

Investment fee1

Ranges from 0.16% pa to 0.60% pa depending on the investment option(s) you’ve chosen. 0.19% pa for the Suncorp Lifestage Fund.

This fee is included in the daily unit price calculation for each investment option.

Buy-sell spread

Up to +/- 0.18% depending on the investment option(s) you choose.

Reflected in the buy and sell unit price of each investment option.

Investment Switching fee


No fees

Note: Other fees and costs may apply to your account.

How are Everyday Super pension funds performing?

Suncorp Everyday Super pension has been a strong investment performer across each lifestage segment. With Everyday Super pension you have control over how your super is invested and your financial choices will have a bearing on the long-term performance outcomes of your fund. You can select from five single sector investment options and switch between them at any time:

  • Suncorp Australian Shares Fund
  • Suncorp International Shares Fund
  • Suncorp Property Fund
  • Suncorp Australian Fixed Interest Fund
  • Suncorp Cash Fund.

Find out more about investment options and performance

Find and combine your super

It’s quick and easy to find your super. Use our online Search and Combine tool to search the ATO and other super funds and find all of your super accounts. You can then choose which accounts you’d like to consolidate with Suncorp. It’s all done online, no paperwork required, and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Login to your online account

Step 2


Under the 'Grow my Super' Tab, select the 'Search & Combine' option, then enter your Tax File Number. By using our tool, you are providing your consent to transfer any ATO held monies to your Suncorp super account found during the search.

Step 3

See your results

Answer your security questions then click 'Submit' to see your results.

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Choose which other super fund monies you’d like to consolidate and you’re done!

Not a Suncorp super member?

Explore account options and join in a few easy steps. Alternatively, register with myGov to find and manage your super using the ATO’s online services.

Before you consolidate your super, you should check with your other super funds about any exit fees or loss of insurance or other benefits. If you’re unsure about whether consolidating your super is the right thing for you, speak to a financial adviser.

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Things you should know

1 We receive a tax deduction for expenses related to administration and investment fees for Transition to retirement members. As a result, the actual administration and investment fees Transition to retirement members pay in Everyday Super will be reduced by up to 15%.

2 The percentage administration and investment fees have been rounded to 2 decimal places.