The value of insurance in super

13 July 2022

This real-life story is a timely reminder to super members to revisit their insurance needs.

At age 38, Toowoomba’s Dan Jenkins was in the prime of his life. He was married to Sue and a father to two teenagers, Jacob and Aleesha. Fit and strong, he enjoyed body building and was looking to get involved in power lifting. On the work front, Dan worked in motor insurance and was pursuing a full-time leadership position.

That’s when life took a terrible turn. Dan mentioned to his wife that he’d noticed blood in his stool, and before he could think of a good excuse not to, she’d whisked him off to see the local GP. It was the right call, as tests confirmed a worst-case scenario for Dan: bowel cancer. The blow was softened somewhat by his doctor’s view that surgery alone should remove the tumour and the cancer with it, although not without risk.

Dan passed his first major surgery with flying colours, waking up to the news that his tumour had been successfully removed and he would retain a functioning bowel. There would be 10 long weeks of recovery, but Dan was hopeful that would be the end of it.

It wasn’t to be. Less than nine months later, Dan was devastated to learn that his cancer was back with a vengeance. This time it was more aggressive and would require an intense treatment program involving radiation, chemo, a major medical procedure – and plenty of fight – to save his life.

Understandably, the challenges weren’t just physical but mental and emotional too.

“I never really thought I would die but there were dark times,” said Dan. “At times I struggled mentally as I felt I was losing the things that made me a man. I’d always been there for my family as protector and provider, and suddenly that was all beyond my ability.”

As the family breadwinner, money became a major worry for Dan. Whereas initially he’d been able to draw on personal and annual leave for his treatment, when the cancer returned Dan was facing several months off work.

Dan discovered that as a Suncorp super member he was entitled to income protection insurance, which paid 75% of his usual salary for up to 2 years.* He needed every bit of it as he battled through his operations and rehabilitation.

“My colleagues had raised some money for me and my wife’s friend organised a GoFundMe page, but it was the income protection that meant we could keep paying the bills,” said Dan. “I’m incredibly grateful that my super included income protection. I was genuinely concerned about losing my house and having to rely on mum and dad for financial support.”

Dan is now just a few months away from getting the ‘all clear’ from his doctor, marking 5 years since his major operation.

People don’t often think about insurance and super yet everybody knows someone with cancer. That’s why it’s so important to understand the benefits available to you and make sure you have enough insurance to protect you and your family.

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*Income protection cover is not offered under Suncorp Everyday Super, and insurance cover isn’t available for pension accounts or transition to retirement options.

Insurance cover offered through Suncorp Super products is provided by insurers who are not part of the LGIAsuper Group.

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