Portfolio holdings

You can view the portfolio holdings for investment options in the SPSL Master Trust below. Use the Suncorp Super and Suncorp Pension options to access information about investments in Suncorp Brighter SuperTM, Suncorp Everyday SuperTM and the Suncorp Employee Superannuation Plan. Use the Asteron Life option to access information about investments in the SPSL for products administered by TAL Life Limited (this includes products which use the Asteron and Suncorp brands).

This information is current at 31 December 2021


1.        The portfolio holdings information provided includes options which are no longer open to new investments.

2.        Portfolio holdings for some options include negative holdings. These negative amounts relate to collateral accounts with the exception of AUD CASH which is an application and redemptions account.   These accounts are highly liquid and displayed a negative value as at the reporting date of 31 Dec 2021.

3.        We are unable to display units held for this portfolio holdings’ reporting period and are currently working with our service provider to display units held in the next reporting period for portfolio holdings. This will be available by 28 September 2022.


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