Find my Super

Think you may have lost or unclaimed super? We’ll track it down for you.

How super goes missing

There is $17.5 billion in lost super and unclaimed super across Australia according to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).1

Could some of this be yours?

If you’ve ever moved house, changed your name or your job, chances are you may have super in a few accounts you’ve lost track of. Your lost or unclaimed super may have been transferred to the ATO or may still be with your super fund.

How to find your lost super

We’ve made it quick and easy to check if you have lost or unclaimed super. Use our online Search and Combine tool to search the ATO and other super funds and find all of your super accounts. We will transfer any ATO held monies to your Suncorp super account based on your consent given before we search. You can then choose whether you’d like to consolidate any monies held with super funds with your Suncorp super account2. It’s all done online, no paperwork required and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Login to your online account

Step 2


Under the 'Grow my Super' Tab, select the 'Search & Combine' option, then enter your TFN. By using our tool, you are providing your consent to transfer any ATO held monies to your Suncorp super account found during the search.

Step 3

See your results

Answer your security questions then click 'Submit' to see your results.


Choose which other super fund monies you’d like to consolidate and you’re done!

Not a Suncorp super member?

Explore account options and join in a few easy steps. Alternatively, register with myGov to find and manage your super using the ATO’s online services.

Things you should know

Based on ATO data “Check now for your share of $17.5b in lost super” dated 11 October 2018:$17-5b-in-lost-super/ and “Lost and Unclaimed super by postcode” dated 11 October 2018 For unclaimed super data excludes accounts that cannot be reliably matched to a TFN, belong to a former temporary residents  and have accounts with a value under $200

Before you consolidate your super, you should check with your other super fund/s as to whether fees may be payable such as any exit fees, whether you will experience loss of any insurance entitlements or other benefits and if there will be any other impact on you. If you’re unsure that consolidating your super is the right thing for you, speak to a financial adviser.