Consolidate my Super

Don’t pay fees on multiple accounts. Find and consider whether to combine all of your super into one account*.

Benefits of consolidating

If you have multiple super accounts in the same and different super funds, you could be paying fees and insurance premiums on each account - which all adds up. Consolidating all your super into one super fund account could save you time and money.

Pay fewer fees

One super account = one set of fees

Keep track of your super

One super account will make your super easier to manage

Save time

Reduce your paperwork

Find and combine your super

It’s quick and easy to find your super. Use our online Search and Combine tool to search the ATO and other super funds and find all of your super accounts. You can then choose which accounts you’d like to consolidate with Suncorp. It’s all done online, no paperwork required, and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Login to your online account

Step 2


Under the 'Grow my Super' Tab, select the 'Search & Combine' option, then enter your Tax File Number. By using our tool, you are providing your consent to transfer any ATO held monies to your Suncorp super account found during the search.

Step 3

See your results

Answer your security questions then click 'Submit' to see your results.

Icon-Sun self-service step 4


Choose which other super fund monies you’d like to consolidate and you’re done!

Not a Suncorp super member?

Explore account options and join in a few easy steps. Alternatively, register with myGov to find and manage your super using the ATO’s online services.

Combine your super offline

You can also combine your super by completing and returning this Superannuation Rollover form.

If we don't have your Tax File Number (TFN) already on file, we might need to ask you for further details or proof of identity.

Things you should know

* Before you consolidate your super, you should check with your other super funds about any exit fees or loss of insurance or other benefits.