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Suncorp Money Profile





About Suncorp Money Profile

The Money Profiles are a framework for describing the different ways in which we are motivated to make and spend money. Extensive research conducted around the world has found that our attitudes and behaviours around money fall primarily into one of four categories, or profiles – Love, Freedom, Security and Power. Suncorp have partnered with a behavioural expert and utilised this research to develop the Money Profile survey, which can be used to identify a person’s Money Profile.

Each Money Profile is characterised by specific emotional meanings that we attach to money and finances, and the behaviours that arise from these. Your Money Profile is your distinctive way of relating to and with money. It is the lens through which you see the world, yourself and others. 

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For people with in the love profile, money is representative of emotion and affection; it can be used to buy loyalty, prove one’s commitment and express love or generosity. The love profile is the spender among the Money Profiles. Spending money makes them happy, and is often a recreational pastime. They tend to engage in ‘retail therapy’ to relieve anxiety, boredom, disappointments and feeling down or angry.

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For people with a freedom profile, money represents autonomy – freedom from as well as freedom to. It provides the opportunity to pursue whims and interests, freeing them from daily routines and restrictions. People with a freedom profile tend to view money as a tool to free themselves from obligations and provide a sense of adventure. For this profile, the purpose of money is to feel self-sufficient and free to do what they want in life. To have choices rather than feel trapped. 

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For those with a security profile, money is a serious topic that is worth focusing on and talking about. They tend to view money as a security blanket, ensuring they sleep easier at night knowing that they and their family are protected for the future. They are more likely to get greater satisfaction from saving rather than spending money. People with a security profile are across the latest tools and services, so it’s no surprise they like to be firmly in control.

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Those with a power profile tends to view money as a reflection of their drive and ambition. They put pressure on themselves to achieve the goals they set themselves, and are very self-critical if they fall short. To them, money enables success (through tools and services that their money buys) and as a result, affords them success and recognition for their efforts. It can reflect their accomplishments or aspirations, and make them feel successful.

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