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Show love, not money: how to show you care without money

25 November 2020

Buying gifts is hard. It requires specific knowledge of a person's desires, tastes and interests. Or it requires a lot of money inside a card. But we go through the experience anyway, motivated by the desire to show our loved ones that we care about them.

However, financial strain can hit us when we least expect it. And when that hardship hits us and money feels a bit tight, the last thing we want is to let down those closest to us by not celebrating them with a gift.

But don't fret – there are lots of deeply personal gifts that can cost significantly less but reward your loved one with a much more personal flavour.

Creative ideas that don't revolve around money

1. Offer to help them clean

Everyone agrees that cleaning your house can be a chore. Offering to come over and help someone conduct a huge clean of their house could be a prized offer. It's the type of gift that continues to give as their house stays clean for a while – or becomes cluttered again over a holiday period.

This doesn't even have to be cleaning – you can help someone garden, move house, renovate or any other pesky jobs.

2. Get cooking

Food is as synonymous with celebration as any gifts. If it wasn't for cake, a birthday wouldn't feel the same. By harnessing your cooking skills, you show you care by turning a few hours of your time and two cups of flour into a delicious treat.

Alternatively, consider cooking your loved ones a fancy dinner. Everyone has their specialty recipe, whatever it is, you should invite the group over and shout them a dinner party. Who doesn't enjoy a free meal!

3. Put together a photo album

I have thousands of photos that I've taken on my phone over its lifespan. Even though they're mostly selfies, photos of receipts, flat whites or novelty license plates, there are often photos that conjure up great memories.

By compiling and assembling photos for your friends and family members, you're not giving them a flipbook of cheesy smiles, but rather a collection of treasured memories and stories to be shared.

4. A phone call

In an era of constant and instant messaging, receiving a phone call to say hello is almost a rare novelty. In our day-to-day, we can lose track of regularly staying in touch with friends and family. Making a phone call shows the time and effort you're willing to dedicate to your relationship.

5. Give them something of yours

How many times do you go to throw something out only to change your mind at the last moment? It could be worth something to others.

Just because something is preowned, doesn't mean it's without value - it may even carry more value having been owned by yourself - have you seen how much celebrities' old coffee cups sell for? Keep your ears out for any compliments on your clothing, it could end up being the perfect opportunity to re-gift!

Lots of families struggle around the holiday period, due to the costs associated with travel, time off work, food and presents for your family. But being able to show how much you care about someone without spending an arm or a leg can help alleviate some of the financial stress and gift you the with breathing room to enjoy the time with your family and friends!

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