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Laura Geitz on her attitudes to money

We all have a money profile, no matter how much we earn or what stage of life we’re in. What about when you’re the former-captain of the Australian netball team? Our ambassador Laura Geitz has taken the Money Profile survey and learnt more about her money spending behaviours including the motivations and decisions behind her saving habits. In our video, Laura opens up about how her parents’ struggles on the farm have influenced her attitudes to money and looking after her family.

Video Transcript

Laura Geitz:

"I did a range of different sports and at 13 years of age found my one true passion netball. 

When I found out I was a security money profile it probably didn't come as too much of a surprise to me. I know I'm a big saver and so reading through the profile, it definitely summarised me very well.

That's probably just because, you know, that's what I observed my mother and my father doing so much, you know. 

Mum and dad worked very hard for what we had. We grew up on a farm so, you know, the whole mentality of living in the country is you save for a rainy day - or a not so rainy day because that's the reality of the situation of life on the land.

When I heard Mark's profile was the same as mine, I definitely know that Mark is a saver. You know Mark and I from very early days in our relationship put our bank accounts together so we've always been working together towards our next goal - whether that be an investment or whatever it is. I can see what he's putting in, he can see what I'm putting in and it's actually really nice thing too to be able to be a part of.

Having done the survey and understanding my money profile I think will really prompt me to sit down with Mark, reassess my profile individually but have the conversation with Mark. 

This is where we're at, we wouldn't have known that beforehand, is this where we want to be?"

To discover your own Money Profile, and learn more about your spending behaviours and motivations, take the survey at

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