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The spender: spending money makes you happy (e.g. retail therapy).

Buyer's remorse: what to do when you just can't say no

What is it about it about that little red 'sale' sticker that conjures up so much excitement and anticipation? Is it a genuine reflection of the individual's excitement to be saving money on everyday necessities? For some this might be true, but for shopaholics? Nuh-uh.

How would you spend $1000?

As Man of Many discovered, they all have experienced the feeling of having room in the budget to spend their money how they please. If you’ve ever spent a little too much on something and had to justify it to your friends and family, you might find some truth in this video.

Is your love of spending causing tension?

Most people have a good idea about the things they're looking for in a relationship, common goals, hopes and dreams, that spark! But have you ever stopped to consider whether your approach to money and spending is compatible?

Treat yo'self without breaking the bank

It's payday and you're on top of the world. You've worked hard and having the freshly topped up bank account to show for it fills you with confidence. It's the perfect time to splurge.

Show love, not money: how to show you care without money?

Buying gifts is hard. It requires specific knowledge of a person's desires, tastes and interests. Or it requires a lot of money inside a card. But we go through the experience anyway, motivated by the desire to show our loved ones that we care about them.

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