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Do I really need travel insurance?

10 December 2018

You’ve been making spreadsheets and researching your destination for months, ready to jet off to some exciting location overseas. With all that planning you’ve put in you probably think you’ve got it all sorted, but there’s one thing you may not have factored into your travel plans - travel insurance.

Before you start dreaming about accommodation and your action-packed itinerary, this should be the first thing you organise after booking your flights. Need more convincing? Here are some more reasons why you should be securing travel insurance before you go.

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Why you should have travel insurance

Because your bags might go on a trip of their own

Between dropping off your luggage at the check-in counter and arriving at your destination, your bags are on their own journey. Sometimes, that journey doesn’t quite match up to yours. While you hope it will never happen, it’s good to know that travel insurance may be able to save you the embarrassment of wearing hotel gift-shop clothes because of lost baggage.

Because your passport is pretty important

What’s worse than losing your luggage? Losing your passport, of course. Travel insurance can cover you for lost or damaged documents if the situation comes up. It can be a hassle to replace your passport, but being covered by travel insurance can take a lot of that stress away.

Because flights can get cancelled

It’s the dreaded moment many travellers know all too well; looking up and seeing “cancelled” flash up on the flight status board. Unfortunately it’s something you don’t have control over, but you can control making sure you’ve purchased travel insurance to cover you for the cost of a replacement flight.

Because you’re not immune to sickness when overseas

Even if you get all the right shots and medications before going away, sometimes you just can’t keep those sniffles away when you’re on vacation. With the right travel insurance in place, you can be covered for medical and dental bills that you need to pay as a result of an injury or illness you suffer from while you’re on the road. 

Because you’ve planned for every other detail, why not this one?

Once you’ve gone to all the effort of planning this dream trip, why would you want to risk not being covered if something goes wrong? Depending on your cover, travel insurance can be the key in getting you back on track or back home in one piece. You should always prepare for the unexpected when you travel. That’s why it pays to have travel insurance.

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