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How to help save on your weekly shop

24 April 2019

The weekly grocery shop can feel like a battle – against time, against a tight budget, against a confusing store layout, or toddlers demanding to try every sweet treat you pass.

But with a little bit of prep, you can tackle your shopping trip with military precision, completing your mission quickly and with minimal expense so you can move on to something more fun, like eating all those sweet treats while your toddler is in bed.


Like many families, a big chunk of your weekly shopping budget is probably going towards food. So, it can be helpful to make a meal plan. Knowing what you’re going to be eating for the next week or so means you know exactly what to buy, helping you minimise waste and avoid getting things that you think you might need but will wind up throwing away in a week or two.

Remember to factor snacks into your planning. If you expect that you’ll want a few in the cupboard for those afternoon cravings, grab a few healthy ones. Although if you really want to fit in a sneaky visit to the chocolate aisle while you’re at the shops, go ahead. You’re in charge of this operation.

Know the terrain

You may be near multiple supermarkets, or be able to visit a shopping centre that contains a few under one roof. If so, you might be able to save a few bucks by visiting more than shop. One might have the best prices but limited range, so you could visit there first and get what you can, then visit a second place to fill the gaps in your list.

Doing a little recon by getting to know the layout of your local supermarkets could help you save time and money. Once you have an idea of where everything is, you can make your shopping list in the order you’re likely to encounter things, maximising efficiency and ensuring that you’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Pick your targets

Subscribing to your local supermarkets’ catalogues – which you can do via email if you don’t want paper clogging up your mailbox – means you’ll always be across deals and discounts, and you can plan your shopping mission accordingly.

Divide and conquer

One way of helping to manage your budget is to split your cash across multiple sub-accounts of your Everyday Options transaction account. Alongside sub-accounts for things like savings and utilities, one could be dedicated to groceries. If you check your last few shopping receipts and figure out your average spend, you can make sure you keep that amount aside.

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