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Separate Your Savings

Separating your savings and measuring them against each goal you have is a great way to inspire you to keep going. We explain it all here in this video. - Watch the video here

Protect Your Future

It's easy to live in the now and not think about your future, but what are you doing to prepare for yours? This video shows you how to protect and look after your future self. - Watch the video here

Set Boundaries

Sticking to a budget can be tough, we hear you. In this video, we talk about how setting boundaries can help you manage your funds in a more balanced way. - Watch the video here

Create a Just-In-Case Fund

Most of us have savings accounts, but they differ from having a specific account for "just in case". - Watch the video here

Get assurance with insurance

Insurance might not be the most exciting subject, but it's still important. In this video, we discuss how you can feel assured your insurance is covering you. - Watch the video here

Reward Yourself

When you're saving money, it's still important to reward yourself at times. - Watch the video to learn more

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