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Maintaining a home

Tips to create decorative storage solutions – Spend Better, Style Better Ep 5

3 September 2018

Channel Nine’s The Block judge and Suncorp ambassador Shaynna Blaze presents Home Hacks, a series of tips and tricks that can help you save money and add value to your home.

Most of us could do with a little extra storage. But it can be tricky to achieve this while still keeping your space uncluttered and visually appealing. Luckily, Shaynna can help!

Home Hacks – Episode 5

Creating decorative storage solutions

Make the most of what you have

If you think you need extra storage, perhaps because of some new wardrobe additions or must-have décor items (hey, the only thing better than a comfy woollen throw rug is TWO comfy woollen throw rugs), you may be tempted to spend big bucks on extra storage furniture. But this doesn’t have to be Plan A – there are a few things you can do maximise the storage potential of your existing furniture.

If you have a cupboard, pantry or wardrobe that isn’t quite living up to its space-saving potential, you could consider installing a shelving system inside it. This can significantly increase – maybe even double! – your hidden storage space, creating dedicated areas for things like accessories, linen, and kitchenware.

There’s no such thing as dead space; just space you haven’t made the most of yet.  

Rethink your furniture

Take a look around your apartment, and have a think about what your requirements are.

Do you really need a dining table?

Maybe you could create a dining area around your kitchen bench?

If you do decide that you need new furniture, you could consider something that serves more than one purpose. For example, an ottoman with a lift-up top can serve as convenient storage space for living room items like spare cushions and throws. You could even place a tray on the top and use it as a side table or coffee table. You can also buy bed frames with inbuilt storage, giving you a perfect spot to stash those spare bedroom items.

If you want to save up for a few special items, then you may want to consider a bank account which allows you to create multiple sub-accounts. You can label the sub-accounts for different areas of your life, and focus your sending and saving.

Suncorp’s Everyday Options Account allows you to open up to 9 sub-accounts, which you could lablel Furniture Fund, Holiday, Household Bills, Groceries, Council Rates, etc, to separate and bucket your money.

The concept of bucketing can offer a great way to get on top of your spending and saving.

Explore the Everyday Options Account 


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