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Tailored Advice

Our Financial Planners are qualified, professionals who can help you

Why seek advice?

It's easy to dismiss illness and injury with 'it won't happen to me'. But millions of Australians, who might once have thought this way, have been impacted by serious illness or injury.

Suncorp Financial Planners are qualified professionals, who can take the time to thoroughly investigate a 'best fit' for your circumstances to help ensure that you and your family will be protected.

Planners can help you:

  • Review your existing cover
  • Identify your insurance needs
  • Select appropriate insurance products and sums insured
  • Tailor the amount of cover to suit your budget
  • Initiate the insurances on your behalf

What we offer

Provides your family with financial security if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Continue to receive a level of replacement income if you can’t work due to illness or injury.

A lump sum payment helps pay your expenses while you take time out to recover if you are diagnosed with certain serious illnesses.

A lump sum payment is paid to help take the pressure off financially if you are totally and permanently disabled.

Covers your business costs if you can’t work due to illness or injury.

To arrange a no-obligation consultation with a Suncorp Financial Planner

Who needs advice?

Deciding which products will provide protection for you and your family can be confusing for anyone, but it’s particularly important to seek expert advice if you:

  • Don't know which types of insurance are right for you. Just as important as having the right type of cover, is not having to pay for cover you don't need.
  • Aren't sure how much cover you need, or how to calculate it.
  • Have a complex personal or financial situation. Things like multiple debts, a business, fluctuating income, health concerns or specific goals for the future (perhaps home renovations or children's education).
  • Are looking for more cost-effective insurance that's tailored to your individual needs and will deliver when you need it most.
  • Want to know options on how to structure your insurances for tax and estate planning purposes.
  • Want a Suncorp Financial Planner to take care of the paperwork, liaise with doctors and specialists, arrange necessary tests and reports, and we can review your cover regularly to ensure it’s still meeting your needs.
  • Need multiple types of cover. You may be entitled to a loyalty reward for multiple policies.

Preparing for your appointment

Suncorp Financial Planners are life insurance specialists, who will step you through a simple process designed to uncover your individual needs and find an appropriate level of protection for you and your family. This process involves 5 key stages.

To ensure your appointment goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, it’s best to come equipped with some basic information to assist with the Fact Find.

What's involved & what to bring

Need to talk?

Our friendly team of insurance specialists at our Australian based call centre can answer all your questions. Alternatively, if you feel your financial requirements are more complex and you require financial advice, you can turn to a Suncorp Financial Planner for help in assessing your risk and working out the cover that could meet your needs.


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