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Legal information on the terms and conditions applying to this site, product disclosure statements and family law guidelines under the Code of Banking Practice.

Legal Information


Privacy is important especially when you consider the number of ways we communicate and interact these days. We are committed to our privacy obligations and will conduct our business to ensure the protection of your personal information, including sensitive information.

It is important to understand that our companies provide a wide range of financial services and products and our companies may use and disclose your personal information in different ways.

  • Read our Suncorp Credit Reporting Policy – Suncorp Credit Reporting Policy (This applies to loan/credit facility customers of Suncorp Bank and Suncorp Metway Advances Corp only)

Please read the privacy statement that applies to you

BankInsurance Superannuation

Suncorp Bank Privacy Statement

- applies to deposit customers

Suncorp Personal Insurance Privacy Statement

– applies to your personal insurance products including Home, Contents, Landlord, Car, Boat, Motorhome and Motorcycle

Suncorp Superannuation Privacy Statement

– applies to Suncorp superannuation customers

Suncorp Bank Privacy Statement Lending

– applies to loan/credit facility and Treasury customers

Suncorp Life Insurance Privacy Statement

- applies to Life Insurance Customers


Suncorp Clear Options Credit Card Privacy Statement

– applies to Clear Options credit card customers

Suncorp Queensland CTP Privacy Statement

– applies to Queensland CTP customers


Suncorp Metway Advances Corp Privacy Statement

– applies to equipment finance customers

Suncorp Travel Insurance Privacy Statement (offered by Vero)

- applies to Travel customers


Suncorp Credit Guard Privacy Statement 

- applies to Suncorp Credit Guard product 


Suncorp Home Loan Protect Privacy Statement

- applies to Suncorp Home Loan Protect product


iConnect Home Loan Protect Privacy Statement

- applies to iConnect Home Loan Protect product 


Suncorp Barristers Insurance Privacy Statement

– applies to Barristers Scheme customers Superannuation


Suncorp Health Insurance Privacy Statement

  For non-Policy holders involved in a claim

Personal Insurance

- Queensland CTP Insurance

Suncorp and AAI Privacy Statement (Austbrokers Life Solutions)

- applies to Austbrokers Life Solution Product


All other situations

such as social media, competitions and general enquiries


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