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Important : On 16 January 2019 new Terms and Conditions for Suncorp Bank App will take effect.

Suncorp Bank App Terms and Conditions

10 September 2018 to 15 January 2019

1. Introduction

The Suncorp Bank App (App) is an application designed for compatible iPhone and Android devices (Devices). The service is available for existing customers who have been issued an Internet Banking Customer ID.

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions. Definitions used here are defined in the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions. You can view the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions at anytime and you must accept them at the time you register for Internet Banking for the first time.

2. Making transfers via the Send Money Option

Suncorp Bank App users are able to send money to other Suncorp accounts or accounts at other financial institutions or owned by third parties using the Send Money feature.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the details provided by you are correct or your Send Money payments may be unsuccessful or may be paid to an unintended account. Mistaken Internet Payments are treated by us in accordance with the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions and the ePayments Code.

Send Money payments submitted before 5.30pm (AEST) on a business day (Monday to Friday AEST exclusive of recognised public holidays) will be sent to the destination the same day. Send Money payments submitted after this time may not be sent until the following business day. Please allow 1-3 days for a Send Money payment to reach its destination.

Send Money payments to other Suncorp accounts will be processed immediately.

3. Paying Bills with BPAY®

BPAY payments before 6.00pm (AEST) on a business day (Monday to Friday AEST exclusive of recognised public holidays) will be sent to the destination biller the same day. BPAY payments submitted after this time may not be sent to the following business day.

4. Daily Limits

Your default daily limit using the Send Money or BPAY feature within the Suncorp Bank App is $2000 per day unless we otherwise agree. This applies to all Send Money or BPAY payments made using the App including transfers to any other Suncorp accounts or financial institutions.

Any Send Money or BPAY payments processed up to $2000 per day do not require the use of an ETP or Security Token Code even if you have been issued with these Secret Codes.

If you wish to submit Send Money or BPAY payments over this amount and are an ETP user, you’ll need to logon to Internet Banking and complete the transaction using your ETP. To increase your $2000 daily limit to Send Money or perform a BPAY within the app, you will require a Security Token. A Security Token can be ordered and activated via Internet Banking or downloaded as a mobile application on Devices and the conditions of use of the Security Token are included in the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions.

Once you activate your Security Token, to Send Money or perform a BPAY with the App, you will need your token to validate when your request is equal to or above $2000 per day.

5. Quick Balance

The Suncorp Bank App allows you to nominate one of your Accounts as a quick balance account.

Your nominated quick balance account is able to be easily accessed from the home screen without you logging into the App.  You only need to swipe on the home screen to view the account information.

The quick balance account information includes the designated name you have allocated to the account (if applicable, otherwise the default product name will show) and the current and available balances of the account you nominate.

There are risks that by nominating a quick balance account, a third party could open the App and view your nominated account information without your consent or knowledge and you accept this risk and hold Suncorp harmless and indemnity it from any claim, costs, damages or losses you suffer whatsoever as a result of your setting up a quick balance account on the App.

6. QuickShare

When using QuickShare, standard SMS message costs will apply when sending a message via your Device.

Suncorp Bank is not responsible for the issue of SMS incorporating QuickShare details. If there are technical issues or if the message doesn’t reach its intended destination, please refer to your telecommunications provider.

7. Protecting against unauthorised logons

The Suncorp Bank App allows you to optionally create a 4-digit Passcode to logon to the banking services (App Passcode) or use fingerprints or Face ID you store on your Device to logon to the Banking App (App Biometrics Login).

Once you have nominated how you will logon, you will not be required to enter your Customer ID, Internet Banking Password or Security Token (if enabled) into the App. You will only be required to use a single logon option, either App Passcode or App Biometrics Login.

When choosing your App Passcode, you should NOT choose:

  1. a numeric code that represents your date of birth;
  2. your driver's license number; or
  3. a series of consecutive or the same numbers.

You should never record your App Passcode, or any Secret Code in or on your Device. Your App Passcode is a Secret Code and you should refer to the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions for information and requirements regarding Secret Codes and your liability for unauthorised usage of Secret Codes and lost and/or stolen Devices.

You can reset the App Passcode at any time within the App by going to settings.

Where you have opted to enable fingerprint or Face ID (Biometrics), any of the Biometrics you store on your Device will be used as an authentication for any transactions in banking services. You should ensure that only your Biometrics are stored on your Device. When you logon using App Biometrics Login you instruct us to perform those transactions.

You can delete any of the Biometrics authentications you store on your Device at any time by going into your Device settings.

If you lose your Device, you must notify us as soon as possible.

We recommend that you setup a Passcode on your Device itself, in addition to the App Passcode, to prevent unauthorised access to your Device and the App.

Identical twins (or triplets, etc.) and customers below the age of 13 must NOT use the Face ID function, and instead revert to using an App Passcode as authentication, to prevent a ‘false match’ and possible unauthorised access to your Device and the App.

Your Device Passcode and your App Passcode must not be the same number.

8. Using the Suncorp Bank App on multiple Devices

After you have first registered on the Suncorp Bank App, you are permitted to register the App on additional Devices. If you exceed the acceptable number of Devices, you will be notified at the time of registration.

To register an additional Device you will be required to enter your Customer ID, Internet Banking Password and Security Token (if enabled). Once entered, you can then select your existing App Passcode or use App Biometrics Login to logon on the additional Device. If you have anyone else's fingerprint or Face ID stored on your device, you must delete their stored Biometrics authentications before setting up App Biometrics Login.

You agree you will:

  1. not disclose your App Passcode to any other people, including any joint account holder;
  2. not allow any other people to use your App Passcode or App Biometrics Login for the purpose of registering another Device for the App; and
  3. register and store only your Biometrics on your Device when opting in for App Biometrics Login.

9. Joint account holders using a Suncorp Bank App Passcode

Joint account holders are not permitted to share Suncorp Bank App Passcodes. Each joint account holder must register separately for a Suncorp Bank App and establish their own App Passcode or App Biometrics Login.

During registration, each joint account holder will be required to enter their unique Customer ID. If you do not have a Customer ID unique to yourself, you can register by logging onto Internet Banking.

10. Protecting against unauthorised transactions

You are required to provide an email address when you register for Internet Banking and update Suncorp with any changes to your email address from time to time. You agree to Suncorp contacting you electronically at the email address you have provided regarding transactions you make using the Suncorp Bank App.

Anytime you make a Send Money payment to an account you have not previously sent money to, we will automatically issue an email to you notifying you of the payment. If you don't recognise the payment, you are to notify us straight away on 13 11 55.

You agree you will

  1. not leave your Device unattended and left logged into the App;
  2. lock your Device or take other steps necessary to stop unauthorised use of your Device and the App;
  3. notify Suncorp Bank immediately if your Device is lost or stolen;
  4. not use the App for any purpose other than to carry out enquiries on your accounts or make bill or transfer payments;
  5. not act fraudulently or maliciously in relation to the App or software e.g. you will not copy, modify, adversely effect, reverse engineer, hack into or insert malicious code into the App or its software; and
  6. only install approved applications on your Device that you will not override the software lockdown on your Device (e.g. jailbreak your Device).

11. Managing your Visa Debit card

11.1 Temporarily lock card

This functionality is available for Visa Debit cards only, and is designed to be used if you have misplaced your card or wish to restrict unauthorised use. All card payments will be declined while a card is locked. If a card is temporarily locked, any recurring card payments such as, online subscriptions and direct debits will also be declined. If a locked card is inserted into an ATM, it will be retained. Your card will remain locked until you unlock it. Temporarily locking your card does not report your card as lost or stolen. If your card has been lost or stolen, or if there has been any unauthorised transactions, you must report this to Suncorp as soon as possible in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply to your card. If you report a locked card as lost or stolen, or order a replacement card, the locked card will be cancelled.

11.2 Unlocking your card

If you temporarily lock your Visa Debit card using the Suncorp Bank mobile app, and have not reported your card lost or stolen to Suncorp, you can unlock it anytime using the app. When you unlock your card, it will be active immediately.

11.3 Card security preferences

The Suncorp Bank App allows you to optionally control (turn off/on) the following transaction types for Visa Debit cards (Card Controls):

Visa payWave payments – use this control to disable contactless payments. If it’s turned off, you’ll always need to insert or swipe your card and enter your PIN when making purchases. This includes contactless purchases using your mobile device where you have included the card in a mobile wallet service.

Internet transactions (card not present transactions) – use this control to disable purchases via the internet or telephone from this card. If it’s turned off, any recurring transactions, such as online subscriptions, from this card will not be processed.

Overseas in-store payments – use this control to disable overseas in-store payments. If it’s turned off, physical in-store card purchases outside Australia will be declined. This does not include online payments from international companies.

Thing you should know about card controls:

Only the card selected for the control will be impacted.

Only the card owner can set controls.

You can set more than one control for a card at any point in time.

The controls relate to the selected card, not the account.

The controls default position is ‘on’.

The control applies only to the 'credit' option available with your card and not any ‘cheque’ or ‘savings’ option.

Circumstances where the card controls may not apply:

Transactions that are made when a merchant's systems are offline.

Quasi cash transactions which is when your Visa Debit card is used for the purchase of items e.g. money orders, traveller’s cheques foreign currency and online gambling.

Suncorp relies on the transaction information provided by the merchant. If the authorisation request we receive doesn't match the exact criteria used to define the control you have set, the transaction may not be declined.

What Suncorp will do when you apply a control:

We will make all reasonable efforts to decline a transaction when we receive an authorisation request for a transaction which matches one of the controls you have set.

Suspension and cancellation of the service:

Suncorp may cancel or suspend the service or your use of the service or any controls at any time and without prior notice e.g. there is a systems breakdown, or Suncorp suspects a security breach such as suspect or fraudulent activity on your account.

You can stop using the service at any time. If you ask Suncorp to cancel the service we will set all the control indicators to the default setting for the control.

12. Other things you should know

12.1 Fees and charges

Any fees and charges that apply to your Suncorp Bank accounts accessible via the Suncorp Bank App will continue to apply to transactions made using the App. You may incur charges from your mobile service provider for downloading and using the App. Suncorp is not liable in respect of these charges and we recommend you check with your service provider prior to using the App.

12.2 Using your location data

If you grant Suncorp Bank App permission to use your iPhone or Android phone's location information, we will log this location information for security purposes and to enable other App functionality where location information is required (e.g. nearest ATM).

12.3 Suspension or termination

We may suspend or terminate your use of the Suncorp Bank App without notice at any time, e.g. if we suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred or that the App is being misused.

12.4 Changes to these Terms and Conditions

We may change these Suncorp Bank App Terms and Conditions at any time. We will notify you of any material changes by electronic notice to you via your phone. We may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes to continue using the App.

12.5 No Warranty

While we have made every effort to ensure that information provided in the Suncorp Bank App is free from error, Suncorp Bank does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information provided in the App.

12.6 Liability and Indemnity

Suncorp Bank will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from your access or use or attempted access or use of the Suncorp Bank App, including loss arising from any security breach, or if you have acted fraudulently (either alone or together with any other person), or if you have installed associated applications on your Device, or if you have caused or contributed to that loss or damage for example, by failing to comply with these or the Suncorp Bank Internet Banking Terms and Conditions.

Suncorp Bank will not be responsible for any inability of your Device to access or use the App.

You should satisfy yourself as to these matters before attempting to access or use the App.