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What can Suncorp do to help?

Once we’ve received your initial documentation, we can start helping you settle your loved one’s Estate. Some ways that we may be able to assist include taking steps to secure access to your loved one’s account(s) and providing access to funds for costs associated with your loss.

1. Once you notify us, we’ll put a hold on their accounts

2. We’ll provide the authorised party with information about the accounts

3. We’ll review all the accounts

4. We may ask for additional documentation

5. We can release funds for certain expenses

6. We’ll finalise deposit and loan accounts

1. Once you notify us, we’ll put a hold on their accounts

After you’ve let us know your loved one has passed, we’ll immediately put a permanent hold on their solely owned deposit account(s) and any joint asset line accounts. This means:

  • No money will be allowed to be withdrawn from their account(s)
  • Any external credits will continue to be added to the accounts
  • Any internal credits (between Suncorp accounts) will not be allowed
  • We’ll place a stop on any Direct Debits connected to the account(s)
  • We’ll stop charging any fees on their deposit account(s)

To prevent any unauthorised access or fraud during this time, all debit cards linked solely to your loved one’s solely owned deposit account(s) will be cancelled. Please note different guidelines apply to business deposit accounts, depending on the relationship the deceased is to the account.

If you shared a joint account with your loved one, these restrictions won’t be applied (unless the account is an asset line account). Instead, the accounts will be changed to be in the name of the surviving party upon receipt of a Proof of Death document. Any cards your loved one held will be cancelled. For loans in joint names please speak to Customer Support for more information. For relationship managed business loan accounts, please speak with their (your) relationship manager.

2. We’ll provide the authorised party with information about the accounts

We’ll provide the person authorised to act on behalf of the Estate or the Next of Kin, information about your loved one’s accounts and products. This will be sent via post in a letter within 14 days of receiving the required documents addressed to the appropriate person. The information will include:

  • Deposit and loan account number(s) and applicable balance
  • Information of how to make a payment towards any debt owed to us
  • Suncorp Group products held by our loved one, other than bank products
  • Recurring payments and direct debit information for deposit account(s)

3. We’ll review all the accounts

Once your loved one’s solely owned deposit account(s) are on hold, we’ll be able to review them in greater detail. It’s our job to make sure your loved one’s account(s) are in order before finalising the Estate and releasing any remaining funds.

We’ll review all your loved one’s financial assets and affairs, including:

  • Individual and joint personal bank accounts (including term deposits and asset lines)
  • Business bank accounts
  • Home and personal loans
  • Business loans.

We’ll also notify other areas for holdings other than banking products, such as Credit Cards, Superannuation, Wealth, Shares and Insurance. These teams will contact you directly to discuss next steps for these products if they have not already been notified by you. We recommend contacting other areas of Suncorp Group, if you are aware of holdings that your loved one or business associate may have had. Please see the following contact details for relevant areas of Suncorp Group:

Clear Option Credit Cards (Personal and Business) - Call Citibank at 1800 268 077 (9am-9pm, Mon-Fri, AEST)

Suncorp Wealth Life and Super - Call 1800 191 517 (Personal), 1800 636 081 (Employer) or email

Suncorp Consumer Insurance (Motor, Home, Pet) - Call 07 3362 1222 

Suncorp Treasury - Call 07 3362 4016 or email  

4. We may ask for additional documentation

We handle each Estate on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature and complexity of your loved one’s assets and Estate, we may ask you for further documentation. This may include Letters of Administration or a Grant of Probate.

If we do need anything from you, we’ll reach out to you directly via phone, mail or email. If you’d like us to contact you via email, we will need you to complete Section 6: Post or Email Consent, of the Deceased Notification Form.

5. We can release funds for certain expenses

If your loved one has funds available in their account, we can release them to pay for certain expenses.

Funeral expenses

If you’re struggling to pay for your loved one’s funeral, we’re here to help.

We can release funds from your loved one’s account to pay for expenses related to a funeral, such as a headstone, coffin or burial if there are funds available.

If you’ve organised the funeral but are yet to pay for it, we’ll need to see the original invoice to organise a direct payment to the funeral home. If you’ve already paid for the funeral, we can reimburse you once we see the original invoice or receipt from the service.

While Suncorp Bank is able to release funds for funerals, we’re unable to do the same for wakes or memorial services.

To arrange payment for Funeral Expenses, please contact Customer Support on 07 3135 3525 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST).

Other expenses 

We may also be able to release funds to pay for other expenses related to your loss. These expenses, known as Just Debts, are expenses connected to your loved one before their passing or are related to their Estate. They can include: 

  • Funeral expenses (including headstones)
  • Hospital or medical expenses accrued 6 months or less prior to your loved one passing on 
  • Any outstanding debts to Federal, State, Local Government, Semi-Government or Public Utilities (e.g. telephone and electricity) accrued before your loved one passed away. It does not include debts owed to a company, business or individual
  • Rates and insurance premiums related to your loved one (e.g. Home, Contents or Vehicle Insurance). These need to be in your loved one’s name to be eligible for payment from their account(s)
  • Partially paid shares 
  • Any fees for Probate costs when presented as an itemised invoice on a company letterhead. Unfortunately, we can’t pay for any legal fees incurred during this process. 

Please contact Customer Support on 07 3135 3525 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST) should you require more information. 

6. We’ll finalise deposit and loan accounts

After we’ve received all the necessary documentation and proper instructions from the authorised party to act on behalf of the Estate, we’ll be able to finalise your loved one’s account(s).  

To finalise these accounts(s) and act on release of funds, the authorised party will need to submit a completed Deceased Notification Form, if this has not already been completed.

For loan accounts, depending on who the borrowers are and the type of loan, there are different options available. Please speak to Customer Support to discuss your options on 07 3135 3525 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST).