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Making your next career move

Have you ever looked at a leader or mentor and wondered how they built their career? Or reached a career stalemate and wondered ‘where to next’?

Three Suncorp leaders who are trailblazing their career paths share their experiences.


I look for who I’m going to work for

One of the things I learnt many years ago was that the actual work I do isn’t as important as who I work for.

And so I’ve always chosen my next move based on who I would be reporting to, even if there are other roles that really interest me. This approach has broadened my exposure and given me experience in areas like risk management, which I possibly never would have experienced if I hadn’t really wanted to learn from Karen Smith-Pomeroy, who’s still one of my mentors.



I use my current situation to learn for my next position

I was once in a situation where I thought I was going to be up for a promotion, but the company I was working for ended up bringing in someone else over the top of me. To a third party, it probably made sense, but when it’s happening to you it doesn’t feel that great.

I spoke to a trusted peer and he gave me some fantastic advice. He had been through a similar circumstance and it had been put to him that this could actually be a great opportunity; that the person he was working for probably wouldn’t stay in the role for very long and that they could train him up so he would be ready to take on the role when they moved on.

It completely changed my attitude to the situation and reminded me to embrace whatever situation I’m in as an opportunity to learn.


I get professional advice from a recruiter

I try to be quite strategic about my next moves, by assessing what’s missing from my CV and where I need experience.

I had a tip from a senior leader to take my CV to a recruiter. It was an interesting experience because they shared some hard truths and gave a different perspective on what will add value to my career in today’s economy.

It’s also important to know when it’s time to move on, whether it’s recognising that a role is no longer a good fit, recognising that there are limited opportunities for career progression, or simply starting to feel bored.

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