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Securitisation - APOLLO

Suncorp established the APOLLO programme in 1999 and have since issued 23 public transactions with a total issuance volume of A$26.5billion equivalent.

The securitisation programme forms a fundamental part of the funding diversity for the group as it provides access to a broader investor base and in some cases capital efficiency.

Existing Trusts

Outstanding trusts and investor reports


APOLLO Series 2010-1

APOLLO Series 2011-1

APOLLO Series 2012-1

APOLLO Series 2013-1

APOLLO Series 2015-1

APOLLO Series 2017-1

APOLLO Series 2017-2

APOLLO Series 2018-1

Investor Report

Term Sheet

Information Memorandum

Loan Level Data

Free access is now available for loan level data by registering on

Click on Search -Transaction and select the relevant APOLLO trust. Scroll to RHS 'Links' menu and select 'Reports'.

Contact Us

Please call (07) 3362 4038* for information about our securitisation programme.

* Please note all conversations with Suncorp Treasury are recorded.

Terminated Trusts


AUD220 million – Clean-up Call July 2007

APOLLO Series 2002-1

AUD500 million – Clean-up Call March 2009

APOLLO Series 2002-2

AUD750 million – Clean-up Call July 2009

APOLLO Series 2003-1E

USD500 million – Clean-up Call March 2010

APOLLO Series 2003-2

AUD600 million - Clean-up Call October 2010

APOLLO Series 2004-1E

EUR375 million / USD325 million / AUD39.2 million - Clean-up Call March 2011

APOLLO Series 2004-2

AUD700 million - Clean-up Call September 2011

APOLLO Series 2005-2

AUD800 million - Clean-up Call January 2014

APOLLO Series 2006-1E

AUD1.066 billion / EUR400 million - Clean-up Call November 2014

APOLLO Series 2007-1E

AUD1.193 billion / EUR800 million - Clean-up Call May 2015

APOLLO Series 2008-4

AUD2 billion - Clean-up Call September 2009

APOLLO Series 2005-1E

AUD1.066 billion / EUR564.2 million - Clean-up Call February 2013

APOLLO Series 2008-2P

AUD520 million - Clean-up Call July 2017

APOLLO Series 2008-3

AUD444 million - Clean-up Call February 2018

APOLLO Series 2009-1

AUD1.478 billion - Clean-up Call October 2019

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