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New Partnerships: How to Apply

What do we look for in a partner?

To submit an application for a Suncorp Partnership opportunity, download and fill out the form below. 

Sponsorship proposals can be mailed with a completed Application Form to or posted to:

The Sponsorship Manager Suncorp GPO Box 1453 Brisbane QLD 4001

Download the application form

Guidelines to assist you in completing the Application Form

1. Brand value synergy

We'd like to understand your brand values and that they are a good fit with ours. In just a few key words or sentences, tell us about your organisation. Describe what it stands for and the perception of your organisation in the community.

2. Target audience fit

As part of the assessment process we look for opportunities to form a partnership between your organisation and our brand/s, business line and/or product. To do this effectively we require detailed information on your organisation or event's target audience, including demographic statistics, geographic breakdown, behaviours, attitudes, and interests.

Currently our business operates predominantly across Eastern Seaboard States, therefore opportunities that reach these target audiences are more desirable.

3. Communication platforms

We need to know how your opportunity will help us communicate to our existing and potential stakeholders. Your application should outline the platforms your organisation or event can offer that will allow Suncorp to generate brand awareness and communicate messages about our products, services and community campaigns. Be aware that we value platforms which are flexible and offer avenues for experiential messages beyond traditional brand placement.

4. Awareness

Awareness and reach amongst our target audiences is an important part of partnership success for Suncorp. For us to assess potential exposure, tell us the basics of your marketing plan and spend. Specify any media partners secured and if you have a dedicated publicity program and benefits that we can leverage to drive PR, ensure you include this in your application.

5. Time in market

Length of time in market is also important. Give us an indication of how long the partnership presence will extend for, remembering to consider both lead up marketing and post event exposure.

6. Staff engagement opportunities

Suncorp has a successful and well organised employee Volunteer Program. We look for opportunities to enhance our Volunteer Program when assessing any new partnership. Consider ways in which Suncorp employees can be a part of the opportunity you present us by outlining benefits for our Employees to participate in.

7. Dedicated Account Manager

Outline your management structure and detail the key resources appointed to work on the partnership should you application be successful. Suncorp dedicates at least one Sponsorship manager to ensure partnerships are successful and mutually beneficial, in turn we expect our partners to provide the same level of professionalism and commitment.

8. Other important information

Depending on the nature of your partnership opportunity there will be other essential information you should provide in your application. Consider the other criteria below and if you haven't covered off already in your application, ensure you include detail where relevant.

  • an historical overview of your organisation or event
  • a current list of sponsors
  • your organisation's credentials
  • expected participation numbers
  • relevant market research
  • awareness level and quantify of reach of your program
  • endorsements from existing/former sponsors
  • ways that you have or will measure the success of your event