Updates on super

How did your super perform in 2013?
If you’re an Everyday Super customer, find out how your fund performed.
The rise of the grudge workforce
Suncorp’s The Rise of the Grudge Years Report has uncovered a disconnect between the ideal and real retirement ages for many Australians.
Your super account is changing
From 1 January you’ll see some important changes to your Suncorp super account
Are you ready for MySuper?
If you’re a ‘MySuper’ customer and want to stay in your current investment option, you must let us know before 20 December
Super investing made easy
With Suncorp’s new ‘lifestage fund’ investment option, we get on with managing your money so you can get on with other things 
MySuper will make super simpler

Learn about important changes to super and what Suncorp is doing  

The hidden super cost of divorce

 Divorce can add 10 years to the working lives of Australians, according to new research by Suncorp Superannuation.

Calculate the changes to your super

The Australian Government has released a superannuation calculator that allows individuals to forecast the potential increase in their retirement savings.

Watch the road ahead, not the rear-view mirror

Making decisions about where to invest your super based on what has happened on investment markets in the past can be a very risky strategy. 

A bit less salary, a lot more super

There are many things you can do to help your super account grow. The trick is to focus on one thing at a time – and salary sacrifice is a great place to start.