Updates on super

Who manages your money in Suncorp Everyday Super?

Find out how, and by whom, your hard-earned money is invested and managed in Everyday Super.

What’s changed for your super this year?

Read our summary of what's changed in the world of finance from 1 July and our quick recap of the main announcements from May’s federal budget.

How has Everyday Super performed recently?

Financial year 2013-14 was a good one for most super investors. If you’re an Everyday Super customer, see how your fund performed.

How do Suncorp Everyday Super’s fees compare?

See how Everyday Super’s fees compare with those of other super funds.

Federal budget update
Treasurer Joe Hockey’s first federal budget was released last night. This update gives an outline of some of the proposed main changes to super, tax and social security.
Don’t become the oldest worker in town
Are you at risk of joining a ‘grudge workforce’ of people who can’t afford to retire when they want? Don’t panic. We’ve got some tips and tools to help you retire on your own terms. 
Over 55? Want to work less without earning less?
A transition to retirement strategy could let you either fast track your super savings or change to part-time work – both without any drop in your take-home pay.
How has Suncorp WealthSmart super performed recently?

Suncorp’s High Growth Portfolio returned 14.39% for the year to 28 February. How has your super performed?

Your super’s ‘performance’ – i.e. the return on its underlying investments – is a critical factor in determining how much super money you’ll end up with.  

Don’t let your Golden Years become Grudge Years
Will you have to keep working well into your 70’s? Here are some tips and tools for Suncorp Everyday Super customers to help you plan for an earlier retirement.
Don’t tear you hair out trying to get your super sorted
If you’re an Everyday Super customer, you can now take advantage of our Super Concierge Service.