Who manages your money in Suncorp WealthSmart®?

In this article we take a look at how, and by whom, your hard-earned super money is managed with Suncorp WealthSmart.

Suncorp WealthSmart’s investment menu gives you a choice of 32 single sector investment options and nine diversified multi-manager portfolios.

Single sector options

These options are managed by a variety of specialist fund managers, including:

  • Nikko AM Limited
  • Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd
  • BT Funds Management Ltd
  • Perpetual Asset Management
  • Colonial First State
  • Platinum Asset Management

For the full list of single sector options, see page 20 of the Suncorp WealthSmart Product Guide.

The multi-manager portfolios

For easy investing, you can pick any of our diversified multi-manager portfolios:

  • the Suncorp Lifestage Fund
  • the Suncorp Diversified Portfolios
  • the Suncorp Universal Funds.

These options are designed to achieve diversification within one portfolio.

What is multi-manager investing?

Multi-manager investing uses the skills of more than one investment manager, given that no single investment manager or investment style consistently outperforms the market in all conditions. Some investment styles will perform well in one stage of the market cycle, while others may perform poorly in the same conditions.

Suncorp WealthSmart’s multi-manager investment options blend a combination of quality investment management styles to create investment options aimed at reducing investment risk and the volatility of returns.

To learn more about our multi-manager options, see Section 5 in the Suncorp WealthSmart Product Guide.

Who runs our multi-manager options?

Our nine multi-manager options (and some of our single sector options) are managed by Suncorp’s main investment partner Ibbotson, a world-class investment specialist that manages money for super funds, investment institutions, financial advisers and individuals.

How does Ibbotson manage your money?

We asked Chris Galloway, Ibbotson’s managing director, to outline Ibbotson’s approach to investment management.

What is Ibbotson’s overall approach to investing?

We define risk as losing money that can’t be made back. For super investors, that’s the risk of not having enough money to last throughout retirement or of having to downgrade their lifestyle to make their savings last.

Ibbotson’s investment process gives us the flexibility to invest in an asset class (e.g. shares, cash, fixed income or property) only if it makes sense to do so. To ensure we’re investing your savings where there’s most potential for reward and avoiding areas where there’s most potential for loss we use an approach called ‘Dynamic Asset Allocation’. Put simply, it lets us focus on investing where the best opportunities are.

How does Ibbotson define its investment objectives?

We focus on growing and preserving your super savings. We don’t get hung up on beating our peers or on a sharemarket index.

How do you choose where to invest?

We aim to build portfolios that will deliver the best return in the most cost-effective way, while giving our investors the peace of mind that they’re invested in a diversified portfolio providing good investment opportunities throughout the market cycle.

Do you regularly review the investment environment?

We don’t set and forget. Things change and so does our view on where the best investment opportunities are. Ibbotson has a global team of analysts and investment experts, continuously analysing and reviewing every aspect of our clients’ investments.

Like to learn more?

  • Talk to your adviser if you’d like to better understand your investment options, and which might be best for you.
  • The Product Disclosure Statement and Product Guide have lots more information about Suncorp WealthSmart’s investment options.
  • Switching investment options is easy - you can do it all yourself online. Log in to your account via the ‘Superannuation’ login at the top right corner of suncorp.com.au. Or download an investment change form at suncorp.com.au/super/forms-documents.
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