Who manages your money in Suncorp Everyday Super?

When it comes to investing your money in Everyday Super, you’ve got two broad choices:

  • You can let us do the work by choosing the Suncorp Lifestage Fund (in which your investment mix automatically changes as you get older), or
  • You can build your own portfolio from our six single-sector investment options.

In this article, we take a look ‘under the bonnet’ to find out how, and by whom, your hard-earned super money is invested and managed.

Who manages the Suncorp Lifestage Fund?

Our Suncorp Lifestage Fund holds a diversified mix of growth and income investments. They’re managed by Suncorp’s investment partner Ibbotson, a world-class investment specialist that manages money for super funds, investment institutions, financial advisers and individuals.

Find out how Everyday Super’s investment options have performed recently.

How does Ibbotson manage your money?

We asked Chris Galloway, Ibbotson’s managing director, to outline Ibbotson’s approach to investment management – and for his views on the current investment environment.

What is Ibbotson’s overall approach to investing?

We define risk as losing money that can’t be made back. For super investors, that’s the risk of not having enough money to last throughout retirement or of having to downgrade their lifestyle to make their savings last.

Ibbotson’s investment process gives us the flexibility to invest in an asset class (e.g. shares, cash, fixed income or property) only if it makes sense to do so. To ensure we’re investing your savings where there’s most potential for reward and avoiding areas where there’s most potential for loss we use an approach called ‘Dynamic Asset Allocation’. Put simply, it lets us focus on investing where the best opportunities are.

How does Ibbotson define its investment objectives?

We focus on growing and preserving your super savings. We don’t get hung up on beating our peers or on a sharemarket index.

How do you choose where to invest?

We aim to build portfolios that will deliver the best return in the most cost-effective way, while giving our investors the peace of mind that they’re invested in a diversified portfolio providing good investment opportunities throughout the market cycle.

Do you regularly review the investment environment?

We don’t set and forget. Things change and so does our view on where the best investment opportunities are. Ibbotson has a global team of analysts and investment experts, continuously analysing and reviewing every aspect of our clients’ investments.

What’s your view on the current investment environment?

During the last five years, our portfolios have significantly risen in value. However, markets have risen so much that we consider them to be overpriced relative to their underlying value, which reduces the potential for future returns.

It’s a much more difficult investment environment for allocating savings to good long-term opportunities when share prices are very high than when they are low. As prudent managers of our clients’ savings, this presents a real conundrum.

So how is Ibbotson responding to this environment? 

We’re being more selective, holding more cash, and taking a more specialised approach. We’ll remain patient until the reward for investing your money in assets like shares is high enough to compensate us for the risk taken (i.e. potential for loss).

Markets tend to move in cycles, and as with many things involving investing, often it’s not the popular or new thing that does well, it’s good old-fashioned patience that helps the investor in the end.

Who manages Everyday Super’s single-sector options?

The table below gives details on how and by whom our single-sector options are managed.

Single-sector fund

Fund manager

Investment style*

Suncorp Cash Fund



Suncorp Australian Fixed Interest Fund



Suncorp Property Fund


(Australian Property)



(International Property)


Suncorp Australian Shares Fund



Suncorp International Shares Fund



About Tyndall

Established in 1989, Tyndall AM manages more than $23 billion^ for institutional and retail clients across Australian and international equities, fixed income, alternative assets and a multi-manager capability. Its teams of investment experts have worked together for many years and have a wealth of investment experience.

*There are different approaches to investing money, including ‘index’ where the investment option has the same exposure to a group of securities as an index (e.g. the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index, or a more customised index) or ‘active’ where the investment manager makes decisions to invest or not in a particular security based on their own research and valuation.

^As at 31 March 2014

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