Sit, stay, rollover… good Super

Did you know that Aussies on average have around three super accounts. In most cases, that’s two more than we really need.

Put it this way, would you have three insurance policies for your car? Or three toasters for your kitchen?

Probably not. Especially when one will do the same job. And cost you less.

In most cases, the same simple logic applies to super.

Maybe one of the reasons we have so many accounts is that in the past it’s been a long and complicated process to consolidate our super.

But now you have no excuse for hoarding those super funds, especially with the launch of Suncorp’s new and improved Rollover tool.

What’s changed?

Bringing your super together is now that much easier.

You can now consolidate your super online without the need for providing proof of identity.

In the past this was a hurdle that stopped many people from transferring their super into one account, but we have now incorporated the government’s new SuperStream features to make it easier and quicker.

How much quicker? If you have all your details handy you can fill out the online request in around 3 to 5 minutes. Once processed it will take a few days to have your money transferred to your chosen super account.
Tempted? Jump online and try it out for yourself.

Before moving your super you should consider the effect it may have on any insurance cover within your super and other possible implications such as termination penalties, investment and tax issues. 


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