Meet Andrew and Didi

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Just ask Suncorp customers Andrew and Didi.

The down-to-earth Queensland couple were thrown a curve ball recently when husband Andrew was involved in a motorbike accident, sustaining serious head injuries.

Unable to work or provide for his family, the responsibility of bread winner fell solely on his wife Didi.

To make matters worse, they were expecting their second child and her casual work hours had dried up.

While this run of bad luck was playing itself out, they were also caught up in a legal nightmare over their Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance payout as a result of the accident.

Not being able to access these funds and with little or no income, they were burdened with the prospect of defaulting on their Suncorp Home Loan.

And then along came David…

David Stuart, Suncorp Financial Planner, met the couple when they came in to the branch and told him they were struggling to repay their home loan.

After hearing their story David stepped in and decided to take matters into his own hands – going above and beyond to help.

The court said that the CTP money needed to be put in a trust because Andrew was unable to manage the funds himself.  

More importantly, David knew they needed this money in order to not lose their house.

After some digging he discovered that they would release the money if there was also a full financial plan in place to demonstrate they were able to look after the money on their own.

Thankfully Andrew had the medical evidence saying he was okay to look after himself. However David gave him extra confidence in court with a copy of a Statement of Advice he had prepared.  

He even took them through everything in detail to make sure they understood.

David was there to help them get their life back on track and this is their inspiring story.

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