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We all love a good ‘To Do’ list. Especially that strange sense of satisfaction you get from crossing off a completed item. Tick.

But what about that one task you just keep putting off. Gradually pushing it further and further down the list.

It’s also usually the one chore you always manage to find reasons for avoiding. For example, anything to do with super.

We’re aware that super is pretty low on most people’s ‘To Do’ list.

Funnily enough, we recently asked Australians what they would rather do than simply engage with their super – just to rub salt into the wound.*

The results showed us that Aussies are taking avoidance of their retirement needs to a whole new level. And we’re talking major procrastination here.

Here’s a list of things people would rather do than simply look up our super balance or performance:

1. Run a marathon

2. A session of boot camp

3. Move house

4. Sit on hold on the phone to a bank or utility supplier

5. Look up RBA interest rates

6. Wait in a very long supermarket queue

7. Look up our super performance against other funds

8. Hand wash some clothes

9. Look up our bank balance and calculate likely expenses

10. Look up our super account balance

A marathon. Really? Not only are we talking physical pain here, but a good four hours out of your day.

Okay, so each to their own. But what’s interesting about this list is that each of these activities listed are very time consuming and painful.

A theme which many of us seem to associate with superannuation.

But what many people perhaps don’t realise is that there are a number of things you can do for your retirement nest egg that don’t require much time or effort – especially compared to a marathon.

Things you can do for your super that take less time and effort than running a marathon:

1 hour – Meet with a Suncorp Financial Planner to discuss your super and make a plan

10 mins – Make sense of your annual super statement with our interactive online tool

3-5 mins – Consolidate your super online with the Suncorp tool

2 mins – Log into Suncorp internet banking and check your super account balance 

2 mins – Log into your super account online and check your account balance or fund performance

30 secs – Ask Suncorp to find your lost super

30 secs – Book an appointment online with a Suncorp Financial Planner


*Suncorp Attitudes to Super Survey 2013

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