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Why choose Everyday Super?

At Suncorp we like to speak your language and help take some of the hassle out of super. We make things simple when opening your account and when growing your savings.

What's so good about Everyday Super?

Manage your super easily online
  • Find lost super and combine other super accounts into your Suncorp account.
  • Track the performance of your investment options, and change your investment mix.
  • Making personal super contributions is easy with the Suncorp Bank Mobile App.
  • Get on top of your super with our DIY tools and calculators to help you work out your investing style, see if your super savings are on track, and more.
  • Change your level of insurance cover (excludes pension).
  • Nominate beneficiaries, View your transaction history, update your details, and more.
Low fees
  • Simple fees, no surprises. Find out more
  • No investment switching fees, exit fees or commissions.
  • No minimum balance.
Be in control - or leave the work to us
Support and advice
  • Get advice on selecting investments and insurance cover, making contributions or working out how much super you need to retire.
  • A phone-based Super Concierge Service, where we allocate you a dedicated customer service expert.
  • We can help you find any lost super. Find out more
  • We'll help rollover funds in your super accounts into the one account and deal with the other super funds on your behalf. Find out more
Smart tools to help with your savings
  • Free calculators, within your online account, providing you with tailored advice on:
    • Making contributions effectively, growing your super and finding out if your savings are on track;
    • Establishing how much cover you need to protect you and your family (excludes pension);
    • Determining your investment style and which investments may be suitable for you.
  • Generate a complete report outlining savings and investment suggestions.
  • Everyday Super was awarded a ‘gold’ rating in 2013 and has been awarded ‘best new product’ for 2014 by SuperRatings, an independent research and ratings agency.1
  • SuperRatings named Everyday Super as 'the most innovative product, providing a suite of investment options, strong education and advice tools, stapled with seamless online banking integration'.2
Strength and stability
  • As part of the Suncorp group - a top 25ASX listed company trusted with the financial needs of over nine million customers. Find out more
  • Everyday Super is fully compliant with the federal goverment's 'MySuper' requirements.

Low fees? How low are we talking?

Low fees can mean a higher super balance. Over time the fees you pay have a big impact on your super savings and how much you'll have to play with when it's time to retire.

Here's a few reasons why Suncorp Everyday Super is a great choice

  •   Simple low fees, no surprises
  •   You won't pay any investment switching fees, exit fees or commissions
  •   No minimum account balance to get started
  •   You can also choose to make a payment from your account to your adviser for advice tailored to your personal situation
  •   Pay no percentage administration or investment fees for money in the Suncorp Cash Fund
Administration Fee

$1.76 per week plus 0.76% pa on your balance. Nil for Suncorp Cash Fund.

We reduce this fee by the amount of income tax deductions we receive so the actual fee applied will be less.

$1.76 per week
0.76% p.a.
Investment Fee

0.16% to 0.60%pa investment fee on your balance.

0.16% to 0.60% pa
Investment Switching Fee & Exit Fee

No fees


Other fees and costs may apply to your account, including Insurance fees on any insurance cover provided.

Not sure what some of these fees are? View fee glossary

What do those fees really mean?

Fees are deducted straight from your super account. We reduce the administration fees by the amount of income tax deductions we receive so the actual fee applied will be less than shown above. Use our calculator to see what the estimated net yearly fees would be for your current balance.

We're unable to calculate your fees. Refer to the Everyday Super Product Guide if you need information
Balance must be between $1000 and $99,999,999.99
Enter your current super balance: $ = $ 0.00  in fees per year
Assumptions: Assumes investment in the Suncorp Lifestage Fund. Includes net fees of $1.50 per week, 0.65% admin and 0.2% investment fee.

How do the investments work?

Choose your own investment mix, or leave it to us - the choice is yours

Prefer us to do the work?

With our Suncorp Life stage Funds, deciding how to invest your super money couldn't be easier. In fact, you don't have to do a thing.

First, we allocate you a diversified investment mix based on you age, so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Then we automatically change your investment mix over time to suit your changing needs and risk appetite. When you're younger we'll put more of your money in growth investments like shares and property, and as you get older we'll put more of your money in income investments better suited to more risk-averse investors with shorter time horizons.

Please note that the investment mix shown here is the long-term strategic asset allocation (investment mix) for your Suncorp Lifestage
Fund. The actual investment mix may differ from that shown here. You can find the latest actual investment mix for your Suncorp
Lifestage Fund in the monthly Suncorp Everyday Super investment options asset allocation report available by clicking here

Want more control and to choose your own portfolio?

If you'd rather create your own investment mix you can select from six single sector investment options:

  •  Suncorp Australian Shares Fund
  •  Suncorp International Shares Fund
  •  Suncorp Property Fund
  •  Suncorp Australian Fixed Interest Fund
  •  Suncorp Cash Fund

You can switch options online whenever you want.
Our Suncorp Lifestage Funds and single-sector options are professionally managed by expert investment managers, including Ibbotson. They're designed to suit a broad range of investors. To find out more take a look at the Everyday Super Product Guide

Use our investment mix simulator to see how easy it is to change your investments within your online account.


How are Everyday Super funds performing?

Select a fund to view its performance

i.e. if you were born in 1946 you would be in the 1945-49 lifestage fund

Exit unit price graph (last 6 months) View full history


Fund profile

Product features, key attributions, asset allocation and more.

Fund dashboard

Net return target, level of investment risk and more.

 Need help? Call us 1800 191 517 Mon - Fri 6am - 8pm

Please note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Unit price only, excludes administration fees.

More Information

Unit prices, performance figures for all of our super & retirement investment options and annual reports. Find out more

Insurance based on your lifestage

Life insurance is important when you are working and building a future.
Having your insurance within your superannuation makes sure you have cover in place to help
protect yourself should something happen.

  •   Insurance premiums are simply deducted from your super account balance, so you have no out of pocket expenses
  •   You have total control and can increase, decrease or cancel your insurance through your online account.
  •   You'll be automatically accepted for default insurance cover* - no medical required.
  •   Life insurance is from Suncorp Life3, part of Australia's largest general insurance group.

How does it work?

  • You'll automatically4 receive Life and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)5 cover to an amount between $25,000 and $250,0004.
  • Your cover amount is allocated depending on your age, and automatically adjusts over time.
  • We believe in paying for what you need, so we give you more insurance when you’re likely to have higher debt such as a mortgage and children. Cover then reduces as you move towards retirement.
  • We'll tell you when your cover is due to change and ask if you want to increase, decrease or opt out of insurance within Suncorp Everyday Super.
  • You can increase (up to $850,000), decrease or cancel your cover through your online account.

How much are you covered for and what would it cost?

Error Message
Enter your age
15 - 69
This is your default level of cover
$23.00 monthly
Premium for a female everyday worker not you?

Your super is your money! Get it all sorted so you can get on with your life.

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Award-winning performance from Suncorp Everyday Super

Want to know more?

Super can seem complicated - but Everyday Super helps you get it all sorted. See how it works

Fees Glossary Lightbox

Fee glossary

Fee type Description
Administration fee: The fee for operating and administering your fund; a dollar and percentage fee.
Administration fee discount: (Suncorp WealthSmart only) A discount based on plan's balance.
Investment fee: The fee for investing your assets including the fees payable to investment managers of the investment options.

View the full Super glossary