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Why choose Brighter Super?

We’ve kept things as straightforward and fuss-free as possible. An online super account that’s full of bright ideas and with both full support and self-service options for you to choose from.

What's so good about Brighter Super?

Online speed, simplicity and convenience
  • Keep up to date with your super on your mobile device
  • Check your super balance in your secure online account
  • A personalised dashboard shows you how your savings are tracking
Attractive fees and benefits
  • A simple, transparent fee structure. Find out more
  • Discounts on fees for larger balances or linked accounts
  • A rewards program, accessible via smartphone app, giving you great discounts on retail, entertainment and travel
Sophistication or simplicity – the choice is yours
  • Design your own investment portfolio from 48 Australian and international investment options including multi-manager portfolios custom built by our investment specialists Morningstar
  • Or leave the investing to us – you don’t have to do a thing
  • Apply for life insurance of up to $5 million for Life cover, TPD up to $3 million and Income Protection up to 75 per cent of your salary (up to $25,000 per month), plus super contributions if you’d like it


In the long run, paying higher fees than you need to can erode your super balance. But it’s also true that with super funds, as with most things, cheapest isn’t necessarily best.

Why is Brighter Super a good choice when it comes to fees?

  •   Attractive fees
  •   Administration fee discounts for large account balances*
  •   Administration fee discounts may apply for linking your account with those of your family members with Brighter Super accounts


You can authorise us to pay a fee for personal advice to your financial adviser (agreed by us) and have the fee charged to the account. It can be a one-off fixed dollar fee, or an ongoing fixed monthly fee or percentage of your account (max 2% pa)


The table below gives a summary of fees and costs for Brighter Super personal and pension.
Administration Fee

Up to 0.55% of your account balance (less any applicable administration fee discount – see below). The administration fee is 0.65% for monies invested in the Suncorp Lifestage Fund and 0%
if invested in the Suncorp Cash Fund.

Up to

0.55% pa
Administration fee discount*

0.05% per year for balances between $100,000 and $250,000
0.15% per year for balances between $250,000 and $500,000
0.20% per year for balances over $500,000

0.05% per year
0.15% per year
0.20% per year
Investment Fee

Ranges from 0.00% per year to 1.54% pa, depending on the investment option(s) you choose.

nil to 1.54% per year
Buy-sell spread

Ranges from nil to +/-0.50%. This fee is reflected in the buy and sell unit price of each investment option.

nil to 0.50%

*Balances invested in the Suncorp Cash Fund and the Suncorp Lifestage Fund are not included for administration fee discount purposes.
Other fees and costs may apply. Please refer to Suncorp Brighter Super Personal and Pension PDS and Product Guide for more details.

Investment flexibility and control

With Brighter Super, you’ve got two broad choices.

This is one of the great things about Brighter Super – you’ve got real flexibility. For example you could start off by choosing to let us do all the work with our diversified multi-manager Suncorp Lifestage Fund. And then down the track you (with or without a financial adviser’s help) could start to build a more tailored portfolio from our choice of around 50 investment options.

Prefer to keep things simple?

With our Suncorp Life stage Funds, deciding how to invest your super money couldn't be easier. In fact, you don't have to do a thing.

First, we allocate you a diversified investment mix based on you age, so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Then we automatically change your investment mix over time to suit your changing needs and risk appetite. When you're younger we'll put more of your money in growth investments like shares and property, and as you get older we'll put more of your money in income investments better suited to more risk-averse investors with shorter time horizons.

Please note that the investment mix shown here is the long-term strategic asset allocation (investment mix) for your Suncorp Lifestage
Fund. The actual investment mix may differ from that shown here. You can find the latest actual investment mix for your Suncorp
Lifestage Fund in the monthly Suncorp investment options asset allocation report available by clicking here
Want to choose your own investment mix?

If you’d rather build your own Brighter Super investment portfolio (perhaps with your financial adviser’s help), then you can choose from our broad range of 13 diversified and 35 single-sector options. They bring together the skills of our investment partner Morningstar and expertise from a variety of other high quality Australian and overseas investment managers.

Brighter Super’s investment options are designed to suit a broad range of investors. Each option has a varying degree of risk and expected return, so you and your adviser can mix the options to build the investment portfolio that’s right for you.

Learn more about investment options in Brighter Super in the Product Disclosure Statement and Product Guide.

Find out more about unit prices and performance figures.

Peace of mind

Generally, taking out insurance cover within your super could be cost-effective because your insurance fees are deducted from your super account balance. This means you don’t have to dip into your take-home pay, as you would if you arranged insurance cover outside super.

By attaching insurance to your Brighter Super account, you can have your insurance fees conveniently and tax-effectively deducted from your account balance.

Insurance options available to you and your family include:

  •   Life cover to a maximum insured amount of $5 million (including a maximum of $3 million for terminal illness cover)
  •   Total and permanent disablement (TPD)* cover to a maximum insured amount of $3 million
  •   Income Protection* cover:
  •  Up to 75% of your salary plus optional super contributions of up to 10% of your salary, up to a maximum insured amount of $25,000 per month
  •  Two year benefit period or until you reach age 65
  •  30, 60 or 90 day waiting period

*A person must be “gainfully employed” on a “permanent basis” for at least 15 hours per week for TPD and income protection cover.

Learn more about insurance in Brighter Super by considering the Product Disclosure StatementProduct Guide and Insurance premium guide which contain more information on the types of cover available, your eligibility for cover, the cost of cover, when cover starts and ends, the definitions we use and any conditions or exclusions which may apply.


Like to learn more about making a bright start with Suncorp Brighter Super?

To find out more, please download a copy of the Brighter Super Product Disclosure Statement, Product Guide, Financial Services Guide, Understanding Investment Risk Flyer and the Insurance Premium Rates Guide. But of course if you prefer, just give us a call on 13 11 55.


Like some help from a Suncorp financial planner?

Brighter Super lets you do lots of things yourself, such as choosing your own investment menu or even opening an account yourself online. But this doesn’t mean you have to go it alone if you don’t want to. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and super can seem complicated at times, so it makes sense to get professional help.
Alternatively call us on 13 11 55