Be prepared for storms

A clear plan to deal with our annual storms is a must-have for your family and to protect your home. By following a few simple steps, you can become storm ready.

Download our Storm Safety Checklist and make sure you're flood-ready before, during and after the event.


Download a storm checklist 






Storm definition

Severe storms can be broadly defined as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere. Strong winds are normally accompanied by rain, thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms and land gales are the two most common types of storm, with thunderstorms posing a greater danger to personal safety and property. They can produce damaging hail, strong wind gusts, flash flooding, tornadoes and lightning, while land gales are gale force winds occurring over land.



Storm cover

Each year, storms represent a very real threat to our homes in Queensland. So, it pays to have insurance cover that you can count on. Suncorp insurance covers loss and damage caused by most types of storm and flood eg rain, wind and hail damage caused by flooding from rivers, streets and canals.

We do cover damage caused by tsunami, but we don't cover damage caused by other actions or movements of the sea. An exception to this is that damage caused by storm surge is covered if it occurs at the same time your home or contents is damaged by a storm or flood. We don't cover storm or flood damage to wharves, jetties pontoons or retaining walls.

For full details of the inclusions and exclusions that apply, please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).






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