Make a Claim

Suncorp understands that if misfortune strikes, you need to receive all the help you can get, as quickly as possible.

For this to happen efficiently, you must gather and provide all the information that Suncorp requires to assess your claim quickly, fairly and compassionately.

Three easy steps to make a claim:

  1. Contact Suncorp on 1800 114 172 as soon as you think you have a claim, to discuss and determine the next steps.
  2. Suncorp will send you a claims kit. Gather the information requested in this kit as quickly as possible. The information needed will vary depending on the type of claim, and for example may include death certificates or medical reports.
  3. Having received all required information, Suncorp will process your claim and will keep you advised on its progress. It is also important for you to tell Suncorp of any changes to your circumstances during the claim process, so you can be given additional help to ensure you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.

For more information read our Claims Philosophy

For Income Protection

Please call 1800 285 130

For Home Loan Protect

Please call 1800 114 172

For Bill Protect

Please call 1800 643 958