Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance and the many other types of insurance that fall into this category can be very confusing – how much cover do I need? What type of insurance do I need? What does this insurance cover me for? Our life insurance fact sheet , can help you wade through the jargon to make sure you have the level of cover best suited to you and your situation.

The different types of Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Depending on the type of cover, life insurance in general terms means your insurer agrees to pay your beneficiary an agreed sum of money in event of your death, disablement or critical illness. Its best to first work out how much money your family would need if you were to pass on but if you already know how much cover you need, just get a life insurance quote.

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Income Protection Insurance

Basically, income protection insurance provides a replacement income if you cannot work due to illness or injury. Often the insurer will pay an agreed percentage of your annual wage until you get back on your feet.

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Funeral Insurance

Funerals can be expensive (upwards of $5,000), and the last thing your family needs to worrying about if you have just passed away is where they are going to find the money to pay for your funeral. Give them and you peace of mind by considering funeral insurance – it’s one of the least expensive insurance solutions and can really make a difference when it matters.

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Accidental Injury Insurance

Because accidents happen when you least expect them - wouldn't it be reassuring to think that you could afford to take a break to recuperate, or hire someone to help around the house if something were to happen to you? Well, you can rest assured that whatever may be waiting around the corner, our Accidental Injury Plan could provide a lump sum payment of in case of injury.

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Trauma Insurance

If you’re struck down by a serious illness or injury, trauma insurance could be a godsend. Trauma insurance pays a set lump sum to help you cover your medical expenses, loss of income, mortgage payments – anything you need while your recuperating.

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Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance

If you were to suddenly require around the clock care, this would take a huge toll on your family – both emotionally and financially – at least you can cover yourself and your family if the worst should come about.

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