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Empty Nesters

Our insurance guide looks at ways to protect yourself depending on your circumstances

Young Singles

Protecting your way of life and your future is just as important now, as it has ever been

As your kids grow up and leave home to start their own lives, the focus comes back to you - and making sure you and your partner's way of life stays protected. While you no longer have to worry so much about covering your kids' day-to-day living expenses, it's still important to care about your own. That means protecting our income, protecting against accidents and injuries, and securing your partner's financial future.

The focus comes back to you - and making sure you and your partner's way of life stays protected

What cover might you like to consider?

With so many insurance options out there, working out which one is right for you can be difficult.

To help you make the right decision, take a look at the different ways you can protect yourself from the risks you might face.

People in your stage of life often buy these products

Cover type Benefit Needs met by this cover How to purchase
Life Protect

Lump Sum

(Up to $1,000,000)

Protect your family’s financial future for when you're not around Apply OnlineGet a quote 
Income Protection

Monthly benefit

(Up to 75% of your monthly income, max $10,000 per month)

Cover your bills and everyday expenses if getting sick or injured prevents you from working Apply OnlineGet a quote 
Bill Protect

Monthly benefit

(Up to $4,000 per month)

Cover your bills and everyday expenses if you're sick or injured. Apply OnlineGet a quote 
Accidental Injury

Lump Sum

(Up to $100,000 depending on injury type)

Help with any financial inconvenience in cases of serious injury. Apply OnlineGet a quote 
Funeral Insurance

Lump Sum

(Up to $30,000)

Money at short notice to help cover funeral and other expenses. Apply OnlineGet a quote 

What are some reasons to take out these types of cover?

  • You might leave your partner financially vulnerable

    Just because the kids have left home doesn’t mean you don’t have family that depends on you financially. If you still have mortgage or rent payments to cover, would your partner be able to cope without your income? The same applies for everyday expenses, such as bills, travelling costs and groceries – without your income, would there be enough money coming in to cover everything?

  • An illness or injury could prevent you from working

    If you’re still working, it’s likely you still rely on your income. If that income were no longer coming in, would you be able to cover your everyday expenses? Your rent or mortgage payments if you still have them, your groceries and petrol, your bills and your little luxuries?

    Getting sick or injured is all too easy – and it is always unexpected. But if you were unable to work because an illness or injury, how long or how well would you be able to cope relying solely on your savings or your partner’s income?

  • You could get injured in an accident

    Whether you are taking some time out with your partner to caravan round Australia, whether you have a fender bender on the way to work, or whether you fall and fracture your wrist playing with the grandkids in the park – accidents can happen at any age, at any time. While most accidents are minor, some can be more serious – perhaps causing you to take time off work, perhaps requiring the help of a cleaner or a carer, or perhaps costing a lot in medical expenses.

  • You could leave your family to cover your funeral expenses

    No one likes to think about death. However, it can be costly – as far as funerals go anyway. If you were to pass away, would your partner or your family be able to cover the cost of the funeral at short notice? Having a death in the family is bad enough, having to come up with thousands of dollars to organise a funeral adds to an already stressful and emotional time.

We can help you find the best way to protect your lifestyle, however you happen to live your life!

To find out more about your insurance options, consider the Product Disclosure Statement for a product before purchase. You can also call us now on 1800 177 549. We can assist you to find the best way to help protect your lifestyle, however you happen to live your life! Applying is easy, it can be done online or over the phone within minutes, plus you don’t have to worry about taking any medical tests.

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This information is a summary and general advice only and does not take into account your personal situation or needs. You should consider whether the product is appropriate for you. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for a product for further details about the terms and conditions that apply. Refer also to the Suncorp Financial Services (SFS) Financial Services Guide for details about what financial services may be provided in relation to the product.