General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why do I have a new policy number?

Due to internal system changes we have generated a new policy number.  In no way does this affect your insurance history with us or the information we hold.

Q.  I used to have multiple products under one policy number.  Why am I now receiving separate insurance renewals with separate policy numbers?

Due to internal system changes we have transferred your individual covers to new policy numbers.    In no way does this affect your insurance history with us or the information we hold. 

Q.  Why have we made changes to our products?

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been having a close look at our insurance.  What is clear is that our business continues to be shaped by our experiences looking after Queenslanders following events like Cyclones Larry and Yasi, the Gap storms and of course the floods of 2011.

We have looked at the parts of our insurance that people valued most - our clear definitions, the fact we do what we say we will and the flood and water damage cover that is automatically included as part of our Home & Contents insurance. Those features will continue to be the foundations of our insurance.

However, we know there are always things we can do to improve and better deliver on our commitment to our customers. In recognition of this, we are streamlining the way we work, building in efficiencies and more importantly, seeing how we can improve the products and services we provide to our customers.

This process has resulted in some important initiatives including, changes to our systems, products and the documentation we send our customers.

Q.  What are these changes?

One of the biggest changes you will notice is that we have new levels of cover across our home and car insurance. Our new levels of cover provide a greater range of options and limits to provide more flexibility. It may also help with us being able to offer you better value.  

Full details about the cover that applies from your renewal date is included in your Renewal Pack (which includes your certificate of insurance) and the enclosed Product Disclosure Statement. In some cases we have introduced new features and benefits but in other cases, there may be changes that represent a reduction in your cover. For this reason, it is particularly important that you read all the information we’ve provided carefully, including details about what we cover and don’t cover and the limits that apply and make sure you understand how the changes we have made affect you.