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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I have received my renewal and it says I am on Rating 1 for Life, is there any change to my rating?

No, there is NO change to your rating but you can choose to change your policy to receive Claims Free Driver Rewards but you cannot receive both Rating 1 for Life and Claims Free Driver Rewards on the same car. Please note that if you elect to change your policy to receive Claims Free Driver Rewards for any car you cannot change back to receive Rating 1 for Life for that car or any replacement of that car. For further information about Claims Free Driver Rewards please refer to the PDS.

Q.  I am on rating less than Rating One, what is Claim Free Driver Rewards?

We are withdrawing our old rating (or no claim discount) structure and it has been replaced with a new reward scheme called “Claims Free Driver Rewards”. Starting from when Claims Free Driver Rewards is shown on your certificate of insurance, each year you comprehensively insure your car with us without making a claim where an excess is payable we reward you with a credit on the next renewal of your comprehensive policy for that car. Other conditions apply.  For further information please refer to the PDS.

Q. Why does Suncorp no longer have a Rating/No Claim Discount structure?

We have decided to remove the previous rating (or no claim discount structure) and introduce Claims Free Driver Rewards. We believe that by removing this out-dated structure Suncorp will be better positioned to offer more competitive premiums and to better reward and recognise good drivers. Please refer to your PDS for further information.  

Q. Why does Suncorp now offer amount covered instead of market value for comprehensive policies?

We have introduced cover on an ‘Amount Covered’ basis for all Suncorp Comprehensive Car Insurance policies. ’Amount Covered’ is our way of saying ‘Agreed Value’. Our policies are now designed this way so that customers have a clear understanding of what they are covered for at the start of each period of insurance.  You should always check that the amount covered shown on your certificate of insurance meets your needs as it may change at each renewal (for example taking into account depreciation).

Q.  What accessories are automatically covered by my comprehensive policy?

There is no longer a requirement to list accessories or modifications on your policy as cover is provided for all accessories and modifications that are fitted to your car up to the amount covered for your car. The only accessories and modifications that we will not cover are custom paint, nitro or hydrogen fuel, roll bar / roll cage / racing harness and petrol turbo or supercharger.

Q.  Why would the name of my cover change to being called “Comprehensive Extras”?

If you have chosen to purchase one or both of the optional covers ‘Windscreen and window glass cover’ or ‘Hire car after an event up to 14 days’, the name of your level of comprehensive cover is now “Comprehensive Extras”.

Q.  Why has Suncorp changed its Family Discount?

We have simplified our family discount to make it easier for your kids to receive the benefit.  If you have a son or daughter under 25 who takes out comprehensive cover with us, they are now entitled to a discount if you are also comprehensively insured with us. If you are an existing customer with a Family Discount you will automatically receive the new ‘Family Discount’ at renewal provided you are eligible for it.  Any discount we agree to give you will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. 

Q. Why has my excess increased?

We have now removed the option for customers to decrease their excess below our standard excess level. If you had previously chosen to decrease your excess you will now notice that your excess has increased to our minimum standard level. Please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for further information about our excesses.

Q. Where can I now get cover for my Vintage (pre 1976) car?

We no longer offer cover for classic, veteran and vintage vehicles (pre 1976). Shannons may be able to help you with your insurance needs.

Disclaimer: Shannons Limited (ABN 91 009 692 636, AR No. 239594) is an agent and authorised representative of Australian Alliance Insurance Company Limited ABN 11 006 4714 709 AFS Licence No. 235001 (AAI), the issuer of Shannons insurance. Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making any decisions regarding these products. Contact Shannons Insurance on 13 46 46 for a copy. Shannons, AAI and Suncorp Insurance are members of the Suncorp Group. Insurance products are provided by different entities in the Suncorp Group. Other entities in the Group are not responsible or liable for and do not guarantee the products and services provided by other entities of the Suncorp Group.

Q. Where can I get mobility scooter, golf buggies, and motorised wheelchair cover?

We have redesigned  our insurance products so that cover for mobility scooters, motorised wheelchairs and golf buggies is now available under Suncorp Home Contents insurance. If you would like to insure these vehicles with us, you need to have a current Contents insurance policy and list the vehicle as a personal valuables specified item on that policy. Please read the Suncorp Home and Contents Insurance PDS before making any decision regarding this product.   


The features and benefits described apply to new customers from November 26 2012 and existing customers on renewal from November 26 2012. Insurance issued by Suncorp Metway Insurance Ltd. ABN 83 075 695 966. Approved applicants only. Exclusions apply. Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before you make any decisions regarding this product. Ask us for a copy.