Repair Dispute Resolution Proces

Matters for resolution using this process

This two day process is designed to promptly resolve disputes that have arisen prior to the completion of repairs and where you believe that the repair method we have proposed will compromise the safety, structural integrity, presentation or utility of the vehicle.

Matters relating to the amount to be paid for repairs or differences of opinion as to the preferred repair are for individual Repairer and assessor negotiation and should be dealt with at the local level.

The Process
1. In the first instance, please raise your complaint with your local assessor.
2. If you have been unable to reach a resolution at the local level, the matter can be referred to our Repair Dispute Resolution Process by:
  • contacting your by Regional Team Leader directly
Please provide us with full details of the dispute and supply any relevant documentation to support your position.
3. Your Regional Team Leader will undertake a review of your dispute and provide you with a determination within two business days.
4. If you are not satisfied with our determination you may refuse to undertake the repairs, in which case, we will arrange for the vehicle to be collected from your premises.

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