Customer Relations

Satisfying our customers with our product range and customer service is important to us and if there are ways in which we can improve, we'd love to hear from you. Whilst dealing with us, you may have an idea or suggestion that can help us improve our service to you. We are committed to treating each customer as an individual and we value your thoughts on any issues concerning your relationship with us.

The Customer Relations Form provides you with the opportunity to voice any compliments, suggestions, complaints, problems or concerns you may have from your experiences with us.

Customer Relations

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT)

The Tribunal is an independent body established by the Government to assist current or former superannuation fund members or their beneficiaries to resolve certain complaints with fund trustees as quickly as possible in a fair, economical and informal way.

The SCT will only consider your complaint if you are not satisfied with our final decision or the way we handled your complaint and 90 days have passed since we received your complaint. If the SCT accepts your complaint, they will tell you this in writing within 7 days and they will ask us for more information. We have 28 days to reply. The SCT might then organise a meeting between you and us to settle the issue. If this is unsuccessful, the complaint goes back to the Tribunal for their decision, which is binding.

Contact TypeDescription
Online Visit
Phone Ring 1300 884 114 for the cost of a local call
Mail Write to the following address:

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
Locked Bag 3060
VIC 3001

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