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Suncorp Group IT Scholarship for Women

Suncorp Group IT Scholarship for Women is focussed on empowering girls and women to foster equal economic, education and employment opportunities. 

Suncorp is committed to achieving a workforce that is representative of a diverse employment base, the customers that we interact with and the communities within which we operate. 

This program has been created to build our female IT workforce of the future and encourage females to participate, prosper, and lead in the global economy.

Scholarship inclusions:

  • 10 week paid placement working in one of the largest internal IT organisations in Australia. 
  • Experience in Agile project methodology.
  • An Executive Manager to mentor and guide you through your placement, challenge your thinking and support your career development
  • A Graduate buddy to help you ‘learn the ropes’ and introduce you to our graduate community.
  • Professional development opportunities.

Scholarship benefits:

  • Build your networks
  • Build on your skills and knowledge
  • Gain confidence
  • Get your career on track
  • Get feedback on your performance
  • Possible ongoing part-time work while you complete your study
  • Possible ongoing graduate position when you complete your study.

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must satisfy all of the following:

  • Be a female student at an Australian university who  is currently completing an undergraduate or postgraduate course.Be graduating no later than 2015 (e.g. penultimate year students).
  • Be studying an Information Technology related degree (e.g. Computer Science, Software Engineering, E-Commerce).  Dual degrees are highly regarded.
  • Maintain an excellent academic record (e.g. credit average plus).

Citizens and  permanent residents are eligible to apply. Past applicants and finalists are also encouraged to re-apply. If you have any questions about eligibility, please email 

Application Dates:

Applications for our 2014 scholarships  open  23 June 2014 and close  21 July 2014.

Application instructions: 

Step 1

You will be required to complete an online application form and cognitive ability test (approx. 30mins).

The link to the application form can be found here: 

With your application form, please have ready to upload:

  • Resume
  • Academic transcript (to date)
  • Written submission (max 1,000 words) answering the following question: What emerging technologies do you think the Suncorp Group should invest in, and why this would benefit our business?

Step 2

If successful, you will be notified by email and invited to complete an  second online test  (10mins) and video interview (10mins).

Step 3

A selection panel will assess submissions and allocate scholarships to outstanding applicants, as evidenced by outstanding industry knowledge, excellent communication skills, and a clear passion for women in IT.

Successful applicants will be contacted in August.

Shortlisted candidates not offered a scholarship will automatically be considered for the Suncorp Vacation Program. 

More information:

For more information about the scholarship, please email the Graduate Recruitment team at

For more information about what its like to work in Suncorp, check out this video:




1.       Why did you apply for the Suncorp Women in IT Scholarship?

 I applied for the scholarship for two reasons. The internship placement was very appealing as I wanted to get an idea of what IT was like outside the "sandbox" environment of University and have that practical experience under my belt before I graduated. I am a strong believer in encouraging diversity and equality across all aspects of life so the scholarship seemed like a perfect opportunity to actually be a part of making it happen. It was extremely humbling to be able to represent women in fields that lack a strong participation of women.


2.       What did you find out about Suncorp during your internship?

 I was surprised to find that Suncorp was  a much larger reaching organisation than I was previously aware of, there were so many brands and services I had never really connected to the Suncorp brand before. I discovered that the people who work at Suncorp are great people, my colleagues were extremely supportive, always happy to help and fun to be around!  My favourite discovery about Suncorp however, was the culture of diversity that they promote. For once I wasn't the only girl in the room!


3.       What is IT in Suncorp like?

 I found IT in Suncorp to be very responsive, agile and actively promoting a culture of passion, curiosity and "getting it done". It was exciting to witness (and be a part of) small and large changes across their IT area.


4.       Would you recommend the scholarship to others?

 Without a doubt. I relocated to Sydney from Perth for the duration of the scholarship and it was worth every moment. It has helped me develop confidence in my abilities and shape the direction I want my career to go. I had the chance to make some great friends and learn from others who had years and years of experience, its hard to get this opportunity elsewhere.


5.       What is the next step for you now?

 After graduating University at the end of this year I am excited to finally getting starting on my career path. I hope to have a strong focus on development, either applications development or development within the Business Intelligence domain.


-Erica May, Women in IT Scholar (2014)