Graduate Programs

There’s never been a more exciting time to join the Suncorp team! Working as part of the Suncorp Group you will have access to an unparalleled range of job opportunities across insurance, banking, wealth management and corporate services. If you have recently undertaken courses in accounting, actuarial studies, agribusiness, business, commerce, economics, engineering, finance, information technology, mathematics and statistics we have programs that will give you the practical and industry experience to move your career forward.

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Banking Graduate

If you are a bright graduate then we know you can help us deliver bright banking experiences for our customers every day. At Suncorp Bank, our people personify our banking brand, demonstrating its values and delivering on the proud traditions of genuine service and creating a real connection with our customers.

With a focus on personal consumer and business banking, our teams combine their expert knowledge and specialised skills with strong customer service to deliver all kinds of business products and services. We provide financial solutions, which can mean anything from borrowing requirements for owner-managed small to medium enterprises, relationship management for rural producers and associated rural/regional businesses and term finance for property investors, through to personal customer deposits and loans.

Graduate Development

To help you actively build your performance our development program will offer:

  • A career development plan including regular personal and career development discussions with your leader
  • Professional development activities to build your foundation skills (e.g. project management, communication etc) and business acumen
  • A leadership team which encourages innovation and listens to your ideas and initiatives
  • A Mentor who will help guide your transition into the corporate environment, challenge your thinking and support your career development
  • A Buddy to help you 'learn the ropes'. They'll help you to understand your role and meet new people
  • Suncorp Business Community Events


We offer the opportunity for you to build skills and understanding in the area of customer based design. Learn about the art of designing human systems to create better customer experiences. The skills you develop through design will assist you with system improvements, new products and processes in any industry.


Immerse yourself in our sales and service culture. Receive training and tools that assist you in developing superior products, superior performance and superior service and relationship management.

Program Duration

18 month program with rotations every 6 months in different divisions across the bank.

You'll have the opportunity to gain some practical experience in some of the following areas:

  • Banking Operations and Support
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Customer and Product Development
  • Sales and Service
  • Risk Management


Brisbane CBD

Sure, we want to talk to graduates who've had academic success, but we're also interested in your contribution to the community and past experience.

To be successful, you need to show initiative and the ability to work in a dynamic and changing environment. You must be detail focussed with solid analytical skills. It is vital that you have a strong customer focus and enjoy interacting with others, so solid interpersonal skills are a must.

Graduates with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Marketing

We encourage individuals with dual degree and post graduate qualifications to apply.

My Story


    monique Name: Annabelle
Degree: Bachelor of Business Management & Commerce
Majors: Accounting, International Business & HR
Role: Banking Graduate

What have you been working on?

Recently, I’ve been working on the Bank’s distribution strategy – basically looking at what channels (branches, contact centre, mobile, online) we offer our customers, how they are utilised and what changes we need to make to address our customers’ needs. I’ve also done some project work on bank products such as Suncorp’s credit card portfolio, I’ve experienced what it is like in both a call centre and in a branch, and was part of the opening of a staff banking hub in our building. The best thing about the program is that you get to make a direct impact. Whether it’s a product change, forming the Bank’s strategy or managing risk, you quickly see your efforts make a difference.

How has the graduate program met your expectations?

My perception of Suncorp before joining was an organisation that placed high value on its people, the community and good customer service.  The amazing part is that what I saw on the outside is true on the inside, Suncorp has a really great culture.

 I wanted an organisation that values my contribution but also my desire to have a life outside of work.  My manager provides a work environment that encourages me to work smarter rather than longer. 

Suncorp Bank was the first graduate program I was offered which was great as it was my first preference.  Since joining I’ve been getting hands-on exposure to big projects and have been given a level of responsibility that I didn’t think someone at my level would get. You will be challenged, but you will never be standing in the corner; you are at the table in with the action.

Do you have any advice for current students/applicants?

Definitely.  Get to know people, don’t underestimate the value of networks, and even consider getting a mentor.   The job environment can be hard and it’s usually networks that can help you step up to the next level or put your name forward …make sure you have work experience and apply this experience in your application.  A degree is only the first stage of your learning journey, working in your field of study gives you the ability to put that knowledge into context.  Try internships, vacation programs or whatever programs you can to get exposure to real work experience.  Get a foot in the door, work hard and make the most of all opportunities.

What do you think has helped you be successful?

Getting to know people in the organisation…there isn’t anyone in the organisation who can’t help you in some way.  Everyone’s roles are inter-connected….use these connections to do your job better.  Also, I have a good relationship with my current (and previous) managers and regularly check-in with them and ask for feedback.  I use that feedback to continuously improve how I do things.

What was one of the biggest challenges for you transitioning from study to work?

At university, I was so used to thinking about study all the time.  Now that I’m working, I’ve had to actually teach myself how to ‘switch off’ when I get home.  The other challenge has been learning about Suncorp and the business processes, how to approach people, how to conduct myself, the acronyms etc. 

In three words, how would you describe your team? What has been the most valuable thing about the graduate program so far?

I have really valued the mentors I have here. I catch up with my current mentor every two weeks.  It’s my responsibility to schedule the meetings and get the most out of them, but I think they are mutually beneficial.  My mentor is good at generating discussion and listening to my ideas.

What has been a highlight for you so far?

I recently won the ‘Emerging Talent’ award in Suncorp Bank’s Peak Performance Annual Awards.  It is one of five core awards announced each year.  I was very surprised to get this award as I was up against so many other really talented people.  The award has given me the motivation to go to the next level.  I don’t necessarily feel any extra pressure, but it has given me more confidence in my abilities and the recognition has made it easier for me to make more connections within the organisation.